Environmental Protection

From the toxic events that spawned “Erin Brockovich” to the oil-stained shores of the Gulf of Mexico, consumer attorneys have toiled to protect Mother Nature from abusive polluters.

Consumer Attorneys has worked in the state Capitol to ensure polluters are held accountable.

CAOC led a fight in 2018 to stop an effort in the statehouse by manufacturers of poisonous lead-based paint to reverse a legal ruling and avoid accountability for thousands of children who had ingested the paint and were suffering neurological problems and other health issues.

In 2016, consumer attorneys stepped up to help Aliso Canyon/Porter Ranch residents attempting to hold Southern California Gas Co. and Sempra Energy accountable for a four-month-long natural gas leak at the massive Aliso Canyon underground gas storage facility in Los Angeles County.

Consumer attorneys also played a key role in exposing and holding Volkswagen accountable for “dieselgate,” the scandal first exposed in 2014 involving the car manufacturer’s scheme to install exhaust “defeat devices” in more than 600,000 diesel vehicles it sold in prior years. Consumer attorneys ultimately forced the company to settle and fix or replace all of the vehicles to ensure a cleaner environment.