Consumer Safety

Where state and federal regulators have been unable or unwilling to do the job, consumer attorneys and the civil justice system have forced corporations to make their products safer and take dangerous products off the market.

Some of the biggest news stories of recent years have involved the civil justice system.

  • Hundreds killed when car ignitions unexpectedly shut off, airbags exploded, or vehicles accelerated out of control.
  • Defective artificial hips implanted in patients, hurting instead of healing them.
  • The tobacco industry’s ongoing duplicity and retargeting of a new generation of smokers through e-cigarettes.

Regulatory agencies do their best, but often find themselves overwhelmed, with ever-growing caseloads and ever-diminishing resources. After the election of Donald Trump, federal regulatory agencies took an increasingly hands-off approach, and many state laws are being preempted by federal laws. As a result, agencies can’t always provide the oversight needed to keep consumers safe.

Consumer attorneys help fill that void, pressuring corporations and employers to improve product and workplace safety by hitting them where it hurts: their bottom line. Through their investigations and litigation, consumer attorneys illuminate safety issues, remove dangerous products from the market, force corporations to make safety improvements, and deter manufacturers from cutting corners that put Californians at risk.

The public dividends have been substantial. Consumer attorneys forced the recall of defective body armor issued to law enforcement officers and soldiers. The civil justice system has brought about safer medications, tires, pajamas, tampons, and a long list of other products. Consumer attorneys have promoted safer playgrounds and roads. It took lawsuits to rein in the tobacco industry, and to bring to light that manufacturers long had hid knowledge of the dangers of asbestos.