Diversity Committee

Diverse groups based on disability, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression have historically been under-represented in the plaintiffs’ bar and state bar in general. The Consumer Attorneys of California Diversity Committee aims to overcome that disparity by fostering acceptance and promoting inclusion of a richly diverse collection of people heretofore underrepresented among the membership and leadership of CAOC. We attempt to welcome, encourage and promote the acceptance of diverse peoples as well as push to educate and foster knowledge, sensitivity and tolerance of diversity issues, both among the broader CAOC membership and the legal community at large. We also seek to identify and implement strategies that will result in significant and measureable progress toward increasing and acknowledging diversity among the plaintiff’s bar in general and CAOC in particular.

Jason Argos
Burke | Argos
Political Chair
Legislative Chair
Brooke Bove
Bove Law Group

Education Chair
Vanessa Deniston
Dolan Law Firm, PC
Membership & Outreach Co-Chair (NORCAL)
Oscar Gutierrez
Law Offices of Oscar H. Gutierrez, APC
Membership & Outreach Co-Chair (SOCAL)
For more information on the Diversity Committee, please contact diversity@caoc.org.