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Consumer Attorneys lead fight
against poison lead paint risk


Manufacturers of lead paint have known for more than a century that their products posed a toxic threat, particularly to kids. But they continued to sell it anyway. Although government regulators banned lead-based paint 40 years ago, it remains on the walls of many California homes, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. Children today continue to face a poisoning threat. From 2010 to 2014, nearly 75,000 kids in the state tested positive for lead exposure. Paint manufacturers have been pushing hard in the state Capitol to skirt accountability. CAOC and other groups are pushing for solutions that will get the lead paint out of homes.
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July 20, 2018
Brown signs CAOC-sponsored bill
aiding childhood sex abuse victims

SB 1053 resolves confusion about when victims of childhood sexual abuse can file a claim, clearing away restrictions as they attempt as adults to seek accountability from wrongdoers. Read more

July 3, 2018
Key panel OKs bill banning secret
settlements for sexual misconduct 

SB 820 by Sen. Connie Leyva and co-sponsored by CAOC and the California Women's Law Center targets workplace sexual predators who have used secret legal settlements to mask their misdeeds -- allowing them to repeat again and again while potential victims are left in the dark. Read more

June 28, 2018
Landmark CAOC-backed data
protection measure becomes law 

SB 375 gives California the strongest Internet data privacy and protection law in the nation, and is expected to yield stronger protections across the U.S., overcoming inaction by Congress and the Trump Administration despite massive data breaches at Facebook, Equifax and other businesses. Read more

(7/9/2018) Brent Wisner presses the case of a Bay Area groundskeeper who developed a type of cancer that he blames on the use of the weed killer RoundUp. READ HERE  
(6/28/2018) Tim Tietjen achieves justice for a youth who suffered an amputated leg when his tent at a San Mateo County campground was hit by a badly rotted tree that authorities had ignored for years. READ HERE   


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