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Consumer Attorneys lead fight
against poison lead paint risk


Manufacturers of lead paint have known for more than a century that their products posed a toxic threat, particularly to kids. But they continued to sell it anyway. Although government regulators banned lead-based paint 40 years ago, it remains on the walls of many California homes, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. Children today continue to face a poisoning threat. From 2010 to 2014, nearly 75,000 kids in the state tested positive for lead exposure. Now paint manufacturers are pushing hard in the state Capitol and on the campaign trail heading into November's election to skirt accountability.
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June 14, 2018
USC sexual assault victims on
TODAY boost need for SB 1448

Five women who allege they were among the more than 100 sexually abused by former USC gynecologist appear on NBC's TODAY show in boost to CAOC-backed bill that would require doctors to report probationary status to victims. Read more

May 30, 2018
Measure to motivate better data
protections approved by Senate 

SB 1121 was drafted in the aftermath of last year's Equifax data breach, which exposed the personal financial data of 148 million U.S. consumers. It will hold companies accountable that don't take prudent steps to thwart hackers. Read more

May 30, 2018
Assembly OKs CAOC-backed 
sexual harassment protections 
AB 3080 would end the practice of allowing sexual predators to shroud their misdeeds in the secret setting of arbitration. It would ensure workers aren't forced into arbitration to resolve claims of workplace sexual assault, harassment, discrimination or pay equity. Read more

(6/15/2018) Michael Green secures justice in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of a woman who died of hanging in a Lake County jail cell after she suffered a psychotic episode. READ HERE   
(6/12/2018) Natalie Weatherford achieves a big jury verdict against an after-school supervior accused of child molestation and a Long Beach school that missed signs of sexual abuse. READ HERE   


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