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CAOC bills hit harassment and
Equifax, promote swifter justice


CAOC President Lee Harris reviews our 2018 bill package, which includes measures to help improve justice for victims of harassment, ensure accountability when corporations like Equifax allow customer information to be hacked, and promote speedier trials that will save taxpayer money. He also reviews a few of the bills on CAOC's "Justice Killers" list. Watch by clicking on the screen above or here. Read about CAOC's legislation here


April 18, 2018
Three sexual predator bills
clear first committee test 

The trio of bills backed by Consumer Attorneys address forced arbitration in the workplace, time limits for filing harassment cases and maintaining records of sexual harassment cases. Read more

March 13, 2018
Coalition rallies for lineup of
sexual harssment legislation 

A pair of CAOC-backed bills are part of a legislative package to combat sexual harassment touted by Stronger California Advocates Network at a Capitol press conference. Read more

March 4, 2018
CAOC-backed anti-harassment
push gets red carpet shout-out
Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, appearing on the red carpet before the 90th Annual Academy Awards, throws her backing behind legislation being pushed by Equal Rights Advocates, Consumer Attorneys and other groups. Watch here


(2/11/2018) Scott Glovsky's efforts for a critically ill young man denied insurance coverage prompts a state Insurance Commissioner investigation of Aetna. READ HERE   
(3/21/2018) Niall McCarthy secures justice for a MLB pitcher whose career was derailed by a hand injury suffer defending his home against a drug-crazed partier. READ HERE


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