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New report lays out case for
state's "hero labor law" 


Photo of Consumer Attorney of the Year 2018 winners Craig Peters on the left and David Winnett on the right

LOS ANGELES -- While few Californians know about the Private Attorney General Act, this California labor law enacted in 2003 has acted to give workers a better chance to defend their labor rights, including being paid minimum wage and overtime compensation, using earned sick leave, taking rest and meal breaks, and gender pay parity. A new report by the UCLA Labor Center lays out the benefits of PAGA, which is under continual threat from business interests. Read more


February 21, 2020
CAOC backs update of car
insurance requirements

AB 3311 by Asm. Tim Grayson seeks to modernize state's 53-year-old minimum auto insurance requirement to better protect Californian motorists, particularly low-income residents too often left to foot the bill for accidents they didn't cause. 
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November 16, 2019
Cotchett, Alexander and
Berger win CAOC top award

Trio named 2019 Consumer Attorneys of the Year for holding paint manufacturers responsible for hazardous lead paint in California homes. Fisher, Goody, Ehrlich named Street Fighters of the Year.
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October 13, 2019
Newsom signs CAOC-backed
bill to end abuse of arbitration
SB 707 will prevent businesses from gaming the arbitration system to delay and deny justice for consumers seeking to resolve a grievance. Some companies have used the tactic to stall employee arbitration.
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(2/14/2019) Kathryn Stebner represents hundreds of elderly Californians in assisted living facilities that are failing to boost staffing or care despite charging more for high-end services. READ HERE
Attorney Tony Piccuta(2/1/2020) In a priest abuse case against the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Alex Cunny delivers justice for a 47-year-old man molested as a child by a serial abuser known as "Father Larry." READ HERE  


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