List Server Rules
1. Violation of any of these rules is grounds for possible removal from all CAOC List Servers.
2. List Servers are limited to plaintiff attorney members of CAOC. By joining and/or participating in the List, members are certifying that less than 40% of their workload involves the defense of insurance companies, manufacturers, governmental entities, transportation companies or public utilities in personal injury or wrongful death matters or workers' compensation litigation. You must notify the CAOC State Office if you no longer meet this criteria.
The names of List Server participants are available on this website. Go to My CAOC, and in the right column select the list under CAOC List Participants. You will only be able to view the lists of which you are a registered participant. If you believe a participant is not a plaintiff attorney, contact the List Administrator privately at or 916-442-6902. Do not send your comments to the List.
3. Use discretion. As with any electronic communication, the CAOC List Servers and website should not be regarded as a secure system and should never be used for anything that should be confidential in nature.
4. List participants will not provide any copy, electronic or otherwise, of List communications to any other person or entity. List participants will not forward or otherwise distribute List messages to non-subscribers. These materials are intended for the exclusive use of CAOC members representing plaintiffs in civil actions. List materials may not be used in the defense of a civil action or furnished to a defendant, defense interest, criminal prosecutor, or any other person not assisting in your plaintiff civil case, except as required under the law. If the materials are demanded or ordered to be produced during discovery, you are urged to oppose the discovery, and contact CAOC.
5. Obscene, offensive, inflammatory, libelous or derogatory language, or any personal attack in a message is prohibited.
6. Political discussions are allowed on the "Political" list only.
7. Off-topic postings, those without substantive content or clearly unrelated to the List subject, will be avoided.
8. Non-substantive ("me too") replies will not be sent.
9. The author's full name and city should be in the text of each posting.
10. Replies will be edited before being posted to the List to improve clarity. All irrelevant information, including headers, footers, security notices, and extraneous quoted material from the original message, should be deleted.
11. If you receive the Daily Digest, do not include the entire Digest in your reply - that will cause the entire Digest to be duplicated in the next Daily Digest. Copy only the relevant portion of the original message and paste it into your reply. Also, remember to change the "Subject" line to reflect the topic of your message.
12. There is a limit on the size of attachments. If you want to share a large document, upload the file to the CAOC Document Bank.
13. The approved list participant takes full personal responsibility for any actions performed or messages sent using their email address and/or password.
14. The approved list participant accepts full responsibility for any copyright infringement or any other legal actions which may be brought against CAOC as a result of information posted by the author.
15. List Servers will not be used for any commercial purpose. List participants will not use the list to solicit clients, offer items for sale for profit, or advertise events sponsored by any other association or entity.
16. Collection of List participant contact information (name, address, phone, fax, and email address) from the list is not allowed. List participants will not sell or disseminate any listings of List participants to any person or entity (profit or nonprofit). List participants will not provide any copy, electronic or otherwise, of List participant identities to any other person or entity.