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January/February 2021, Vol. 51 No. 1 - Digital Magazine
6 Rising Above It All
Deborah Chang
8 The Wrist of America
Steven B. Stevens
12 Presenting and opposing evidence on summary judgment
Martin N. Buchanan
20 Pair o’ Dice Lost
What happens to your appeal when the reporter’s notes are lost?

Jerry Clausen
26  How not to “blow” your oral argument: A one act play
Norman Pine
30 Friends who are there for you
Sharon J. Arkin
34 Do you literally need that adverb? (And other hints for better writing)
Steven B. Stevens
38 Shining a light on the lack of lighting:
When darkness is the dangerous condition of public property

Michael K. Teiman and John A. Montevideo
44 Implementing California Civil Code § 3361:
Ensuring damage estimates comply with state law

Robert Johnson, MBA and Barry Ben-Zion, Ph.D.
48 Recent cases
Daniel Robinson
News and Notes
Legislative report – Saveena Takhar
2020 Convention Report – J.G. Preston
CAOC 2020 awards – J.G. Preston
Diversity Committee Report – Cristina Garcia
New Lawyers Division report – Jonathan Bakhsheshian
Let’s Make 2021 the Year of the Woman – Christa Haggai Ramey
Membership Update – Liz Teves
CAOIE Awards and Board Installation – Megan Demshki
Volunteer Spotlight: Nelson Barry – Alexandra Hamilton
Ned Good – J.G. Preston
AAJ Washington Update – Linda A. Lipsen
Amicus Curiae Update - Kevin K. Green

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May/June 2021, Vol. 51 No. 3 - Digital Magazine
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