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Microsoft Office for Attorneys: Tips for Using Excel & Word (With Bonus Powerpoint Tricks)
Published by Maryland Association for Justice and Consumer Attorneys of California


We’re all busy people. The most valuable resource available (or unavailable) to us is time. Deadlines, ringing phones, that nagging Facebook instant message from our old college buddy and the annoying need for sleep all crowd around and demand attention—usually simultaneously. Heck, maybe you even have (or want) a family or a social life.

Technology should make our lives easier. Properly harnessed, it can do just that. Left to its own devices, however, it’s less Star Trek and more like the worst parts of The Matrix—the scary part with computers and machines taking over our lives.

There a lot of tricks to using Word, Excel and PowerPoint that can make your job light-years easier. A good rule of thumb is, if you think there should be a better way, there generally is.

Word: You'll learn how to format the perfect pleading caption; how to automate those routine documents; and how to control Word's crazy page number rules.

Excel: Most attorneys underestimate the power of Excel. Use it to create killer negotiation spreadsheets and charts outlining how much your client gets for every conceivable outcome.

PowerPoint: Everyone tells you to use technology at trial, and jurors expect it. Wake up your sleeping jury with exciting and dynamic PowerPoint. Quick tip--if you're using bullet points, you're doing it wrong.

John J. Cord
John Cord graduated from the University of Colorado School of Law in May 2003. He started his own law firm in 2012 without a secretary or paralegal (so you know he has to use technology as efficiently as possible!). He is an avid technology user in his own practice, and he helps other attorneys with trial technology, ghostblogging and website content creation. He concentrates his practice on assisting victims of personal injury, including automobile negligence, workers' compensation and...More
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