New Lawyers Division

The purpose of the New Lawyers Division (NLD) is to stimulate the interest and commitment of New Lawyers in the objectives of CAOC, generate new members for CAOC, provide public services focusing on the preservation of the civil justice system, Trial By Jury and other civic-oriented projects, develop statewide professional relationships and assist members of CAOC in the early stages of their careers by ensuring that all CAOC components give appropriate attention to the needs of New Lawyers.
The NLD of CAOC works with CAOC to achieve its purpose by encouraging social networking, continuing legal education, scholarship, and increased legal proficiency by developing and advancing affordable programs, materials, services, and products specifically designed to assist and benefit New Lawyers. The NLD of CAOC provides a statewide discussion forum among New Lawyers to create a unified voice for New Lawyers within CAOC. The NLD of CAOC provides a system of networking with new and experienced attorneys to ensure that the next generation of CAOC members and their leadership are dedicated to the CAOC mission, the evolution of CAOC and embrace the diversity of California.
Parisima Roshanzamir

Roshanzamir Law Firm
Doug Brewer

Telecom Law Firm, PC
Carlie M. Bouslaugh

Williams Iagmin, LLP
Membership Chair
Kristen Barton

Gomez Trial Attorneys
Political Chair
Paul Hoybjerg

Frank Penney Injury Lawyers
Education Committee Chair
Megan G. Demshki

Aitken Aitken Cohn
Publication Chair
Jayme Simpson

Simpson Law Group, LLP
Public Service Committee Chair
Victoria Lazar

Gomez Trial Attorneys
Law School Development Committee Chair - South
Jonathan Bakhsheshian

Ellis & Bakh, LLP
Public Relations Chair
Alexis Domb
AlderLaw PC
Social Chair
Jessica Williams
Gomez Trial Attorneys
Immediate Past Chair
Neil Gehlawat
AlderLaw, PC
Los Angeles Regional Chair
Karan Gill

Law Offices of Karan K. Gill
San Diego Regional Chair
Kacie Vinel

Gomez Trial Attorneys
Inland Empire Regional Chair
Brian Shapiro
Law Offices of William D. Shapiro