Consumer Attorneys of California is the first line of defense in the state Capitol and at the ballot box to protect consumer legal rights. Each year bills are introduced by big tobacco, insurance, HMO and other corporations to restrict or eliminate your legal rights. CAOC is there to fight such "tort reform" measures to ensure that every Californian has access to the courts. We also sponsor legislation to protect consumer legal rights and work through the state budgetary process to ensure adequate funding of California's civil justice system.

2016 Legislation

Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, narrates "Lost in the Fine Print," a short documentary detailing the injustice of forced arbitration.

A three-part NY Times series examining how forced arbitration denies U.S. citizens of a constitutional right: Their day in court

Calls for a crackdown on forced arbitration


Forced Arbitration

SB 1065 (Monning) – Limits the use of forced arbitration in elder abuse cases under the Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Senate

SB 1241 (Wieckowski) – This bill would restrict the corporate practice of adding provisions to consumer contracts that force people to travel long distances to other states to fight a dispute. It also would protect consumers from having their rights under California law stripped because a case is transferred to a distant venue. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Senate

SB 1078 (Jackson) – Addresses issues of bias and lack of fairness in consumer arbitrations by strengthening current rules related to marketing activities of private arbitration companies. Prevents profiting by arbitration companies if they've been removed during an arbitration for violations of ethical rules or disclosure requirements. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Senate

AB 2667 (Thurmond) – Ensures that forced arbitration cannot be used to deny a plaintiff their day in court as part of a civil rights case. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Failed in Assembly

AB 2879 (Stone) – Strengthens protections for military veterans and reserve guard by prohibiting civilian employers from forcing them into mandatory arbitration over civilian job disputes arising when they are called away on behalf of our nation.
Fact Sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Failed in Assembly

Fair compensation for injured immigrants

AB 2159 (Gonzalez) – Ensures fair compensation for undocumented persons injured through no fault of their own. The 1986 decision in Rodriguez v. Kline limits them to the level of compensation they would receive in their native country for future lost wages and even medical costs. This bill prohibits the introduction of a plaintiff’s immigration status in personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.
Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Assembly

Preventing prescription drug abuse

SB 482 (Lara) – Requires doctors to check the existing statewide prescription drug database to curb doctor-shopping and other abuse.  Fact sheet (PDF)     Robert Woods Johnson Foundation: Require prescription database use (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Senate

Protecting Passengers on Charter Buses​

SB 247 (Lara) – Will enact safety requirements for charter buses, requiring they have emergency equipment by July 1, 2017. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Senate

Helping environmental disaster victims

AB 2748 (Gatto) – An outgrowth of the devastating Porter Ranch natural gas leak and Excide battery plant lead contamination disaster in Los Angeles County. It prohibits polluters from preying on vulnerable residents forced out of their homes by offering safe housing in exchange for waiving their right to sue the polluter. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Passed Assembly 

Streamlined civil justice

AB 2427 (Chau) – Proposes changes to civil legal procedure to make the pursuit of civil justice more seamless, efficient and cost effective. Fact sheet (PDF)   STATUS: Approved by Assembly


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CAOC 2013 Legislative wrap up (CAOC members) (pdf)

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