Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) is the first line of defense in Sacramento and at the ballot box to protect consumer legal rights. Our team of experienced advocates review the thousands of bills introduced into the California Legislature for impact on consumers. CAOC’s goal is to ensure that each and every consumer and business has the full ability to seek and receive reasonable redress through the jury system. Each year bills are introduced by big tobacco, insurance, HMO and other corporations to restrict or eliminate your legal rights. CAOC is there to fight such "tort reform" measures to ensure that every Californian has access to the courts. CAOC has been successful in defeating such anti-consumer measures in the capitol and at the ballot box while working through the state budgetary process to ensure adequate funding of California's civil justice system.

CAOC 2013-2014 Legislative Report (CAOC members) (pdf)

CAOC 2013 Legislative wrap up (pdf)

CAOC 2013 Legislative wrap up (CAOC members) (pdf)

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