Coronavirus-Related Court Announcements

Here are the announcements from various county Superior Courts regarding their reopening plans. Not all counties have posted announcements at this time. Click the county name to go that county's Superior Court website for the latest information.

Last updated July 30, 2021, 4:06 p.m.

Alameda: "Effective July 19, all persons entering any court facility will be required to properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, regardless of their vaccination status." More: (7/16/21) "The Superior Court of Alameda County will reopen all courthouses to the public and restore additional in-person services beginning June 15." More:,%202021%20Press%20Release%20re%20further%20reopening.pdf (6/14/21)

Alpine: "Due to the Tamarack Fire, Markleeville and the surrounding communities are under a mandatory evacuation order. Alpine County Superior Court is hearing scheduled matters telephonically and court staff are working from home. If you need information regarding your case or a court appearance, please email" More:


Butte: "Civil Jury Trials recommenced in June 2021." More: "Effective June 21, all social distancing requirements will be lifted at Butte County Superior Court facilities. The requirement to wear a mask or facial covering at all times while inside Butte County Superior Court facilities will remain in place at this time. Litigants, counsel, and any individual involved in any matter that falls within the Civil Division or constitutes a Probate proceeding, may appear in person. However, appearances through Courtcall or video remain encouraged in order to reduce courthouse congestion." More: (6/17/21)

Calaveras: "Face masks are optional for any fully vaccinated employees and the public. Non-vaccinated employees and members of the public are required to wear face coverings. Social distancing is no longer required." More: (6/18/21)

Colusa: "Anyone making a physical appearance in court is REQUIRED TO WEAR A FACIAL COVERING REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS. Judicial Officers have discretion in their individual courtrooms to allow persons, including themselves, to remove their face coverings for limited periods of time, to the extent doing so is deemed necessary for the proceedings. Counsel and all parties may appear via CourtCall for the Civil Law and Motion Calendar only. Zoom appearances are not allowed. If a physical appearance is made, facial coverings are required." More: (6/30/21)

Contra Costa: "Effective July 20, and until further notice, anyone entering publicly-accessible Court facilities – regardless of vaccination status – will be required to wear compliant facemasks at all times. The Court will not require social distancing in its facilities." More: (7/19/21)

Del Norte: "Effective June 17, the following changes are in place when visiting the Del Norte County Courthouse: Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask in indoor public settings. If you are coming into the courthouse and are choosing to not wear a mask you are self-attesting that you are in full compliance and are fully vaccinated." More:

El Dorado: "Effective July 1, physical distancing and capacity limitations are no longer required. Fully vaccinated members of the public are not required to wear a face covering. Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated members of the public are encouraged to maintain six feet of physical distancing when possible and are required to wear a face covering while in a courthouse facility, unless except per the California Department of Public Health Guidelines." More: "The Superior Court of El Dorado County has modified its operations to permit videoconference appearance using the Zoom Platform. Therefore, each department will determine those calendars and/or matters in which parties will be permitted to appear by Zoom videoconference. To ensure all matters are scheduled for videoconference in a timely manner and that matters are ready to proceed at the designated date and time, the Court is formalizing the process by which a Zoom videoconference may be requested. To request to appear by Zoom videoconferencing, an Application for Videoconference Appearance and Order (Local Form M-51) must be submitted to the Court. Unless otherwise ordered and/or directed by a judicial officer, the Local Form M-51 must be submitted to the Court no less than two (2) full court days prior to the date of the scheduled matter.Under emergency circumstances (e.g., COVID-19 related or sudden injury/illness), the Court may accept requests to appear by Zoom videoconference by contacting the Clerk’s Office and/or department in which the matter is scheduled to be heard." More: (7/12/21)

Fresno: "The Fresno Superior Court will be restoring some of its previously restricted services on June 15. Only those required to appear for a scheduled court hearing, including litigants, their counsel, subpoenaed witnesses, victims and advocates will be permitted to enter the buildings, and only once they have passed both health and security screening (a series of health questions, temperature check, required face mask/facial coverings and pass through a metal detector). Many hearings will proceed remotely, with proceedings live streamed for public access. Any in-person hearings will be conducted with a number of safety measures in place, including required social distancing, face covering and limited occupancy in the courtrooms. Court users are required to wear a facial covering at all times while in a Fresno County Courthouse. Jury trials will resume on a limited basis. The clerk’s offices will remain closed until further notice. Social distancing will be observed in the offices and lobby areas." More: (6/12/21)

Glenn: "The court is no longer requiring physical distancing as of June 22. The court still requires all individuals to wear a face mask/covering when inside a court location. The clerk’s office is fully open. Court hearings are occurring as scheduled. Counsel and parties in civil, probate, and family law cases may appear by CourtCall." More: (6/22/21)

Humboldt: "Effective June 23, the Humboldt Superior Court will be open for public court proceedings. With the re-opening of courtrooms, the court will no longer be broadcasting court hearings on YouTube. Remote appearance is encouraged, and links to appear using Zoom by video and/or by phone are available on the Court’s website at Attorneys will be required to appear in person for any matter in which their client will be personally present or as directed by the Court. Masks will continue to be mandatory for all individuals while in all court spaces and courtrooms, while conducting business in the Clerk’s office, and while attending jury selection and service." More: (6/22/21) "Effective June 14, there will no longer be a requirement for public health screening to attend court." More: (6/10/21)

Imperial: "Effective May 10, all El Centro Courthouse criminal calendars will be in person. Effective June 1, all Brawley and Winterhaven Courthouse calendars will be in person." More:,%202021.pdf (4/27/21)

Inyo: "Effective August 2, all regular Inyo Superior Court calendars will resume as in person appearances and will no longer meet via Zoom, with the exception of the Traffic Trial and Child Support Calendars. The calendars will allow in-person and Zoom appearances through July 30." More: (6/24/21)

Kern: "Starting on June 28, members of the public who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will no longer be required to wear a face mask when entering the courthouse. The act of entering a courthouse building without a mask will be considered self-attestation to the fact that the individual has been fully vaccinated. Members of the public may be asked to produce official proof of their vaccination status. All unvaccinated members of the public will still be required to wear a face mask at all times while in a courthouse facility. Individual judicial officers may exercise their individual discretion to require that all individuals in their courtroom remain masked, regardless of vaccination status. The Court continues to encourage all members of the public to continue to wear face masks as the health and welfare of the Court employees, litigants, attorneys, justice partners and the public are the Court’s priority." More:


Lake: "Effective June 15, the physical distancing requirements and capacity restrictions that have been in place will be removed. Beginning June 21, these calendars will begin (or continue) to require in-person appearances." More: (6/11/21) "Beginning June 21, those persons who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a face covering when attending court proceedings or to conduct business with the court. The Order will continue to require that all individuals who are not fully vaccinated continue to properly wear an appropriate face covering at all times while physically present at the court unless determined to be subject to an exemption under the public health directives. Effective June 21, and continuing until further order, the court will implement compliance verification of vaccine status by permitting vaccinated persons to self-attest that they are fully vaccinated upon entry into the court. In addition, the physical presence of a person while at the court and not wearing a face covering will be considered to self-attest that the person is fully vaccinated. The Order will apply to persons appearing for jury service (and to trial jurors) and will require unvaccinated persons to wear a proper face covering at all times physically present at court including jury selection. The court will implement a compliance verification process whereby the court will verify and document vaccination status of prospective jurors at the time of reporting for jury service. Pending further order, the court will continue to conduct jury selection at the Fairgrounds facility and will continue to implement physical distancing for juror seating. The employees and staff of the court who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a proper face covering while present at the court. The fact that an individual is wearing a face covering should not be interpreted to conclude that the individual is unvaccinated. The court will undertake appropriate action, including contempt, against abusive, harassing, or other inappropriate behavior toward employees, parties, attorneys, or others, while present at the court, related to the wearing of face coverings, as an interference with the process of the court. In many instances, the court continues to permit appearance and participation in court by video-conference and telephone in lieu of in-person attendance." More: (6/18/21)


Los Angeles: "The Court strongly urges attorneys to appear remotely for hearings. While there are no social distancing mandates in LA County, the public is urged to come to court in person only when necessary to help the Court manage foot traffic. Attorneys should expect to work with trial judges to conduct jury selection in larger courtrooms, if available, and anticipate the Court spreading jurors around the courtroom at a more comfortable distance." More: (7/30/21) "Los Angeles County courthouses will open June 28 without any public access restrictions, eliminating the requirement for advance appointments for service as well as the need to make an online request for in-person courtroom seating. All persons, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face mask over both the nose and mouth while in public areas of the courthouse, including courtrooms. Drop boxes will remain outside courthouses as a filing option. Effective June 28, the Court will no longer offer the Remote Audio Attendance Program (RAAP) to listen remotely to courtroom proceedings." More: (6/24/21) "Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor today announced the launch of the Resolve Law LA Virtual Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) Program, a virtual program that leverages the talent of qualified volunteer lawyers from members of numerous Los Angeles County area bar associations to resolve cases pending in the Personal Injury (PI) Hub Courts before they proceed to trial. The Court is collaborating on the program with the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel (ASCDC), the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates (LA ABOTA), and the Beverly Hills Bar Foundation (BHBF). The program is modeled after the in-person MSC program launched in the PI Hub at the Spring Street Courthouse in 2017 which had to stop due to the pandemic. Cases ordered into that program were provided a free 3-hour MSC in which one defense attorney and one plaintiff’s attorney partnered to act as settlement officers. Approximately 50% of the cases ordered into that program settled. Resolve Law LA’s Virtual MSC Program replicates many aspects of the original program, but rather than in-person, it will handle MSCs for cases ordered into the program from the PI Hub via Zoom – again at no cost to litigants. The Resolve Law LA Virtual MSC Program’s ability to provide volunteer settlement officers to conduct virtual MSCs allows the Court to resolve cases faster and saves the parties a trip to the courthouse for their MSC. The program allows judges to focus on conducting trials in cases that could not settle at a time when the Court is expanding Civil jury trials as the pandemic outlook improves in Los Angeles County. Effective June 28, a standing order will enable judges to require counsel for appropriate trial ready PI cases to register for the program at Appropriate cases will be ordered into the program at the Final Status Conference. The virtual MSC must occur prior to the trial date." More: (6/21/21) "All Civil jury trials will no longer be coordinated through Dept. 1, 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles. Dept. 1 will continue to be a master calendar for assignment to trial for Personal Injury (PI) Hub cases, those PI-complicated cases not to be tried in the assigned I/C court, as well as non-Stanley Mosk Unlawful Detainer, Limited or Long Cause cases, as it was before the pandemic. Mandatory Status Conferences (MSC) or mediation are no longer required within 90 days prior to a Civil jury trial (except for certain PI cases, which will take advantage of the recently announced Resolve Law LA Virtual MSC Program). Already-set MSCs will remain on calendar unless otherwise ordered by the judicial officer presiding over the case. The Court continues to strongly encourage litigants and counsel to appear remotely through LACourtConnect for pretrial hearings, including for status conferences, motions or other proceedings, as well as for Small Claims hearings and bench trials." More: (6/28/21)

Madera: "The following represents the Court's plan to fully reopen to the public effective June 15." More: (6/9/21) "Effective June 15, all persons entering the Madera County Superior Court will no longer be required to adhere to the COVID-19 6-foot distancing requirement. All persons entering the Madera County Superior Court to conduct business, attend proceedings and report for jury duty will be required to wear a mask or face covering while inside the courthouse. Calendar times that were created to accommodate social distancing are eliminated. In-person appearances will be permitted in any civil, family law or family support proceeding. At the choice of the parties, all such proceedings may be conducted remotely by use of CourtCall or the Zoom video conference platform. For all non-confidential proceedings, members of the public may also appear in-person or via Zoom." More: (6/18/21)

Marin: "All persons must wear a mask or face covering to enter the court facility and at all times while inside." More: (7/16/21)

Mariposa: "Effective June 21, masks required unless vaccinated or exempt pursuant to California law." More:

Mendocino: "If you have not been vaccinated, then you are required to wear a face covering while inside the courthouse. If you have been fully vaccinated, then wearing a face covering in the courthouse is optional." More: (6/22/21)

Merced: "Only parties and attorneys required to appear in a court hearing will be permitted to enter the court facilities on the day of the hearing after submitting to screening and absent any signs of illness. Witnesses must appear by remote appearance unless otherwise ordered by the judicial officer.All persons entering the court facilities shall wear a face covering or face mask while in any Merced Court facility unless otherwise ordered by a judicial officer. Remote appearances are strongly encouraged, and may be required in some courtrooms." More in the latest court operations memo: (7/6/21)


Mono: "Effective July 20, the Mammoth Lakes and Bridgeport courthouses are open to the public. Face coverings are required in the courthouse regardless of vaccination status. Jury trials are once again being scheduled." More:

Monterey: "The Monterey County Superior Court is pleased to announce the reopening of the King City Courthouse to provide court services to the public." More: (6/22/21)

Napa: "For now there will be no changes to courthouse access, the requirement to wear facial coverings inside court facilities, or social distancing parameters. As weeks progress, we will assess the impact of the recent loosening of public health restrictions. Our first step, which may occur as soon as early July, will likely be to remove all social distancing requirements. This will help expedite pending jury trials. After a further period of review, we will then reassess what other safety measures--such as mask requirements--to see what, if any, can be lifted without compromising the safety of our staff and court users. Zoom is here to stay; it's a nice addition to the court system." More: (6/21/21)

Nevada: "All persons, two years of age and older, who enter the courthouse must wear an acceptable face covering in all public areas of the court and shared workspaces.The Court hereby revokes its prior police requiring six feet of social distancing between persons in the courthouse." More: (6/23/21)

Orange: "The mandatory use of masks/facial coverings for all those entering Harbor Justice Center regardless of vaccination status, will be extended through August 4. This action was necessitated by the Orange County Health Care Agency and Cal/OSHA regulations, as the Court was recently notified of positive COVID-19 test results at the facility." More: HJC_Masks_7.28.2021_aa.pdf ( (7/28/21) "Orange County Superior Court announced the mandatory use of masks/facial coverings again for all those entering Central Justice Center in Santa Ana regardless of vaccination status, beginning July 26. The relevant Administrative Order and other directions issued by the Court and implemented in Central Justice Center will remain in force for two weeks or until superseded by relevant updates. This decision was made out of an abundance of caution, as the Court was recently notified of two positive COVID-19 test results at the facility." More: CJC_Masks_7.25.2021FINAL.pdf ( (7/25/21) "Beginning June 21, social distancing will no longer be required, outdoor kiosks will gradually be phased out and the public will have access to all Justice Centers without having to have a “ticket” or “pass” to enter through security. Fully vaccinated members of the public will no longer be required to wear a mask/facial covering when entering the courthouse, while unvaccinated members of the public will still be required to wear a mask/facial covering." More: 6_15_2021Pandemic_Update_D3.pdf ( (6/18/21)

Placer: "If you are not fully vaccinated, face coverings are required at all times while in the courthouse. Fully vaccinated people are not required to wear a face covering/mask or practice physical distancing." More: (6/15/21) "The Placer Superior Court has amended its Emergency Local Rules effective June 21. These rules remove all mandatory remote appearances, with the exception of those that existed prior to the pandemic for certain mental health proceedings and those that are necessary to support COVID-19 transmission mitigation efforts implemented in correctional facilities. Eligibility for voluntary remote appearances is defined by case type and hearing type. Many hearing types allow parties and attorneys to appear remotely without seeking judicial approval. Trials, in most case types, require a mandatory in-person appearance with a process for requesting judicial approval for a remote appearance in extraordinary circumstances." More: (6/11/21)


Riverside: "Effective July 6, fully vaccinated members of the public will not be required to wear a face covering while inside court facilities. Members of the public who have not been fully vaccinated, which include the parties listed above, must wear a face covering while inside court facilities. Social distancing of six feet shall no longer be required in any court facility. Clerk’s offices countywide will reopen to the public on July 6 for in-person services; however, remote alternatives are still available such as telephone, webchat, submission of documents online via the eSubmit Document Submission Portal, electronic filing for civil documents, by U.S. mail, or by placement in a drop box. Some courtroom proceedings will remain remote.: More: (6/29/21) "All civil hearings are being heard remotely via telephonic appearance; these hearings include but are not limited to: law & motion, case management hearings, OSCs, MSCs and TSCs. Civil bench and jury trials are being heard in-person unless otherwise indicated by the judicial officer." More:

Sacramento: "Filing counters and clerk’s offices generally remain closed. There are limited “in-person” hearings being held at this time. All civil filings are accepted by US mail or drop box. Civil matters including civil harassment restraining orders, gun violence restraining orders, petitions for compromise of claims of minors with accompanying applications for appointment of guardian ad litem, complex civil departments, writ of mandate departments, civil law and motion departments, Presiding Judge law and motion, short cause civil trials, and mandatory and voluntary settlement conferences are being conducted via remote technology. Orders of Examination (OX) proceedings are being conducted in-person. Civil bench and jury trials are being conducted remotely or in-person on a case-by-case basis. All hearings will be conducted remotely via the interactive video conferencing application Zoom or by Court Call, unless specifically indicated otherwise." More: (7/8/21)

San Benito: "The restrictions adopted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic limiting access to the courthouse, courtrooms, and court proceedings are rescinded. The requirement that all persons in the courthouse abide by social distancing is rescinded. Members of the public who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are not required to wear a mask in the courthouse. Members of the public who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must provide their own mask, covering mouth and nose, and must wear the mask at all times while in the courthouse. Court employees will no longer be required to wear a mask in the courthouse upon submission of a full vaccination." More: (6/28/21)

San Bernardino: "Beginning July 26, all court users – regardless of vaccination status – must wear a face covering at all times while inside any court location." More: (7/21/21)

San Diego: "Effective June 15, public access will generally revert to pre-pandemic levels while many of the recently introduced online and remote options will remain available. Facial coverings will be optional for members of the public who are fully vaccinated." More: (6/14/21) San Diego Superior Court Service Modifications Following COVID-19, Effective June 16: (6/14/21)

San Francisco: "The San Francisco Superior Court will fully open starting on June 28, with services re-expanded to pre-pandemic levels. Social distancing will no longer be required at the Superior Court’s four courthouses. However, face coverings will still be required of all staff, justice partners, jurors and other court visitors." More: (6/25/21)

San Joaquin: "Beginning July 6, all courthouses and courtrooms are open. All persons entering court facilities must self-attest to being fully vaccinated or unvaccinated. Individuals who are NOT fully vaccinated, or decline to state, must wear a face covering to enter the courthouse and at all times while inside. Fully vaccinated people are not required to wear a face covering/mask or practice physical distancing in state and local government buildings. Fully vaccinated jurors are not required to wear a face covering. Jurors who are NOT fully vaccinated, or decline to state, must wear a face covering to enter the courthouse and at all times while inside. The Clerk’s offices at all locations are open 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Documents for the Civil, Small Claims and Appeals Divisions may be submitted by drop box, mail or eFiling; eFiling is strongly encouraged for Civil and Small Claims cases." More: (6/29/21)

San Luis Obispo: "Public access to the San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Grover Beach courthouses is limited to matters on the calendar that day. All other business with the Court is currently being done remotely. Face coverings and social distancing are required in all San Luis Obispo County courthouses." More:

San Mateo: "The Court hereby continues the process of releasing some of the restrictions that have been placed on certain calendars. This Order shall remain in effect through September 6. Among the following calendars and matters that will be heard: All civil trials. Civil Direct calendars. (Please note: Due to our continuing staff shortages, no Law and Motion ex parte matters will be heard. The hearing of Law and Motion ex parte matters will resume on September 7.) Appellate Calendar (generally the second Friday of the month at 2:00 P.M.). Zoom appearances only." More: (7/30/21)

Santa Barbara: "The Court is open to the public as of June 21. Entry to any Court Building REQUIRES a Face Covering." More:

Santa Clara: "All persons are permitted entry into the courthouses, subject to any court-ordered COVID-19 protocols. Social distancing between persons inside the courthouse is no longer required. It remains an order of the court that all persons, including court staff and judicial officers, who enter the courthouses must wear a face covering in all public areas of the court and shared workspaces. Judicial officers have discretion in their individual courtrooms to allow persons, including themselves, to remove their face coverings for periods of time for purposes such as ensuring the court reporter and/or electronic recording device can clearly report or record the proceedings and any other communication that occurs in the courtroom." More: (6/26/21) "Clerk’s Offices NOW OPEN for in-person business - masks required. Morgan Hill and Palo Alto remain closed to the public until further notice." More:

Santa Cruz: "Masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated staff and members of the public who enter court spaces. Vaccinated employees are free to continue wearing face coverings if they choose. Masks are still required for unvaccinated staff and members of the public in all court spaces. Members of the public will continue to be required to wear a mask in the Court’s Law Library and Self-Help Center. Social Distancing fixtures in the public spaces will be removed and the pre-COVID-19 capacity limits will return slowly. The public is asked to maintain 3 feet of distance from others in the courtroom for a period of time before the requirement goes away completely. Effective June 21, attorneys may return to the courtroom for non-criminal matters; however, Zoom will remain an option. In addition, in-person appearances may be required at the direction of the Judge. The audio Livestream in non-criminal cases will cease on June 23, as the courtrooms will now be open for public access." More: (6/21/21)

Shasta: "All persons who are not fully vaccinated who enter court facilities must wear a face covering.  Fully-vaccinated individuals must be in possession of their vaccination card and prepared to present said card upon request of the Shasta County Marshal's Office, or shall be treated as unvaccinated." More: (6/18/21)

Sierra: "As of July 7 and until further notice, all Civil, Family and Probate appearances will be accomplished via Zoom. In-person appearances must be requested from and approved by a Judicial Officer using form (SEI-0031 Request for In-person Appearance)." More: (7/7/21)

Siskiyou: "All court users are required to wear a mask, if not you could be denied access to the courthouse. Seating in courtrooms is limited capacity, only parties that must attend court should come to the courthouse to help accommodate social distancing requirements." More: "The new Siskiyou County Courthouse is officially open to the Public and for court business beginning June 14." More: (5/28/21)

Solano: "Effective June 18, fully vaccinated individuals will no longer be required to wear masks in the Solano County courthouses. Unvaccinated individuals must still wear masks. Regardless of vaccination status, any individual may wear a mask." More: (6/17/21)

Sonoma: "All persons entering any Sonoma County Superior Courthouse will be required to wear a compliant face covering at all times which must cover both the nose and mouth completely. This Order applies regardless of vaccination status." More: (7/16/21)

Stanislaus: "Most Civil and Probate hearings will be heard, however, remote appearances are required for certain hearing types. Jury trials will resume on a regular basis June 28." More: (6/28/21) "The Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus requires all patrons wear a face covering while in any Stanislaus Superior Court facility." More: (6/28/21)

Sutter: "Civil Attorneys or litigants who wish to appear remotely, your case may be eligible to be heard through CourtCall by scheduling in advance." More: (6/4/21)

Tehama: "Masks or facial coverings are required while inside Tehama County Superior Court facilities, regardless of vaccination status." More: (7/30/21)

Trinity: "The Trinity Superior Court is currently OPEN." More: "All persons who enter the courthouse must wear a face covering. To the extent feasible, social distancing protocols of six feet distance between persons will be strictly enforced to all court facilities including courtrooms." More: (7/24/21)

Tulare: "Fully vaccinated persons who have completed the court's self-attestation form will not be required to use face coverings while in court facilities. All other persons will be required to use face coverings while in court facilities until further order of the court." More: (6/28/21) "The court rescinds its General Order 20-03 (limiting access to court facilities). This order is effective immediately." More: (6/21/21)


Ventura: "All fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask in any Ventura Superior Court courthouse, courtroom or other court facility. All individuals entering any courthouse, courtroom or other court facility that are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask that fits securely and snugly over the nose and mouth at all times, within public areas of the courthouse or courtrooms. All individuals are no longer required to comply with six feet of physical distancing inside of any courthouse, courtroom or other court facility. In the jury assembly room and courtrooms, individuals shall be seated in every other seat, as marked. This includes audience seating and seating in the jury box but does not apply to seating for counsel and parties at counsel tables. As the Court transitions to increasing in-person services under the new public health guidelines, the Court will continue limiting the matters to be heard on any given day and facilitating remote telephonic/video court proceedings." More: (6/28/21)

Yolo: "Masks/face coverings are required to enter the courthouse." More: "Yolo Superior Court fully reopened for in-person hearings on June 15. While the court will continue to allow remote appearances in most case types and for non-evidentiary hearings, it will no longer require remote appearances as it did during the height of the pandemic. Traffic court will remain an exception and still require remote appearances. Additionally, jury hardships and orientation will also remain virtual. Court hearings will continue to be streamed so that viewers can watch and listen to public hearings remotely." More: (6/16/21)

Yuba: "Masks or face shields are required in the courthouse unless you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a qualifying medical exemption." More: (6/18/21)