Coronavirus-Related Court Announcements

Last updated December 11, 2020 3:07 p.m.

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UPDATED JULY 2 Alameda: "All locations of the Court are generally physically closed to the public through at least July 29. This includes clerk's offices and other in-person services. Courthouses will be open for limited purposes such as jury selection and the conduct of some trials, as well as additional purposes as may be indicated in the Court's emergency Local Rules." More "With the exception of papers relating to appeals and unlawful detainer cases, the Court is now accepting all filings—including case-initiating documents—via mail, drop box, and fax filing. Beginning April 20, the Court resumed a limited number of Civil hearings regarding emergency matters and matters that were filed and scheduled before the March 17 Court closure. These hearings will be conducted remotely via telephone or videoconference. The Court will notify parties or their counsel in cases that are being set for hearing the week before the anticipated hearing date." More "No civil jury trials are being held at this time. However, Court trials may be conducted remotely via videoconference. The Court will provide additional procedural information to parties and counsel conducting remote court trials. All hearings will be via remote technology; no in-person hearings will be held at the Court. The Court will determine the manner of hearing, which may include video or telephonic means." More "The Superior Court of Alameda County will resume civil and criminal jury trials, starting June 8, with jurors first being summonsed to report for new trials on June 29. The Court recognizes that it can safely conduct only a limited number of jury trials simultaneously. The Court is implementing numerous additional safety measures, including reconfiguring jury assembly rooms and courtrooms to limit capacity and ensure social distancing through the use of designated seating spaces. In addition to these physical safety measures, the Court is modifying its jury selection process in order to reduce the number of jurors called to each courthouse and to shorten the time jurors spend assembled together for verbal voir dire or questioning." More "The Court has adopted new emergency and has amended rules, all effective May 21. These rules are all designed to further facilitate proceedings in civil and criminal matters during the COVID-19 crisis. Among other things, they set forth guidance for participating in remote proceedings and provide clarification on how to obtain tentative rulings." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Alpine: "To protect court users and employees and prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus during the cold winter months, the Alpine County Superior Court will resume hearing most matters remotely, that is, by telephonic conference, until further order of the court. Civil matters will be heard as scheduled by telephone conference." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Amador: "Effective December 11 through December 31, the clerk's office is closed to the public. All filings will be dropped off between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the filing box located at the bailiffs' station inside the front door of the courthouse. Public access to the courthouse will be closed as of 3:00 p.m., unless parties are involved in a matter being heard. The clerk's office will still be available by telephone between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m." More "Effective June 29, the court will resume summonsing jurors for jury trials. The court will be taking precautions to ensure social distancing for those appearing for jury service including reduced reporting numbers, modified checkin, and additional waiting areas. Facemasks are not required (or provided) for entrance into the courthouse. The court has also increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all areas within the building." More "Effective June 1, Amador Superior Court will resume all calendars. All calendars will continue to be heard remotely if possible." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 7 Butte: "This Court orders all Criminal Division jury trials currently set to proceed to trial between December 7 and January 8 to be continued to the date of January 11 or a date thereafter within 30 days of the vacated date." More "Appearance by Court Call is mandatory for all appearances by Counsel in Civil Limited and Unlimited Law and Motion matters and Case Management Conferences (not including Civil Harassments and Unlawful Detainers). Mandatory Civil Settlement Conferences shall he held either by Zoom or Court Call at the discretion of the court." More "All Civil calendars, excluding Jury Trials, recommenced May 18. Public phones and Counters at the Chico Courthouse have returned to regular business hours (8:30 am – 4:00 pm)." More "Access to the courthouse remains limited to only those individuals who have business with the court unless further allowed. For all persons entering or remaining inside a Butte Superior Court, a protective mask must be worn at all times with certain exceptions. Any person demonstrating obvious sign of illness is required to leave the courthouse." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Calaveras: "Effective January 4, the regular hours for the Clerk’s office will be Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. As alternatives to in person visits, e-filing is also available and can be accessed at by clicking on the eFile CA – New Information link. Also, a drop box will be available in the lobby at the entrance to the courthouse for use between 8:15 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each court day." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Colusa: "The following adjustments to our calendars and operations will be in effect until further notice. Civil Law and Motion, Small Claims Calendar will be held on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. in Department 2. Counsel and all parties are allowed to appear via CourtCall. If a physical appearance is made, facial coverings are required. Civil Law and Motion Calendar will be held on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. in Department 1 Counsel and all parties are strongly encouraged to appear via CourtCall. If a physical appearance is made, facial coverings are required. The Clerk’s Office will be open between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday – Friday except court holidays. The court recommends all persons utilize the drop box for all filing types located at the courthouse at 532 Oak Street, Colusa in lieu of visiting the Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office is open as indicated above, but the number of people allowed in the lobby will be limited. Filings can also be submitted by mail. If your filing necessitates a response from the Court, you should include a self-addressed stamped envelope." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 7 Contra Costa: "To limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the Court will enact a LIMITED COURT CLOSURE effective December 7 and until further notice. THE COURT WILL BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Exceptions are criminal preliminary hearing witnesses, attorneys, and defendants in matters with time not waived. Masks are required for entry. JURY TRIALS ARE SUSPENDED. Criminal preliminary hearings with time not waived will proceed. THE COURT WILL NOTIFY YOU OF RESET HEARINGS. ALL CLERK’S OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. FILINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY MAIL OR DROP BOX ONLY. The limited closure is NOT a Court holiday for filing deadlines. The civil drop box is available from 8 A.M. – 4 P.M at the Main Street entrance of the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse in Martinez." More "Unless otherwise ordered by the assigned judge, all hearings will be conducted by CourtCall until further notice. The Civil department has resumed a normal hearing schedule on May 28." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Del Norte: "Due to the high active COVID-19 cases in our county the Del Norte Superior Court Clerk’s Office filing counters will again be closed until further notice. The Clerk’s Filing Mailbox (Courthouse Mailbox #31) will continue to be available for filings.  Paperwork will be held for a 24-hour period (no exceptions) so please plan accordingly." More "Starting May 26, the Court will be open daily on a limited basis. Most courtroom proceedings that have been temporarily discontinued since March will be conducted telephonically whenever possible, and some in-person appearances will also be held, as necessary on a limited basis maximizing social distancing. No jury trials will be conducted until the Judicial Council's moratorium has expired." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 El Dorado: "The Court orders all civil jury trials currently set between 12/3/2020 through 1/31/2021 to be vacated and reset." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Fresno: "The Court suspends civil and criminal jury trials until January 11. All civil unlimited mandatory settlement conferences, trial readiness hearings and jury trials scheduled to occur from December 11 through January 11, inclusive, will be rescheduled to occur on later dates in 2021 or 2022. All of these cases will be re-noticed for Trial Setting Conferences to be held in Department 503 on January 12. Appearance by CourtCall is strongly encouraged." More

UPDATED JULY 2 Glenn: "Beginning May 19 and until further notice, operations resumed and facilities are accessible with appropriate precautions in place. Do not come to a court facility if you believe you are sick or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or any other communicable disease. The court is requiring social distancing. Please maintain 6 feet of separation from other individuals whenever possible when at a court location. All individuals must wear a face mask/covering when inside a court location. Please bring your own mask when visiting a court location, but a disposable mask will be provided to you if you do not have one. The clerk’s office is open, but the number of windows providing services and the number of individuals allowed to enter at a time are being reduced in order to maintain social distancing. Documents may also be filed using the drop box or by mail. Court hearings are occurring as scheduled. Counsel and parties in civil, probate, and family law cases are strongly encouraged to appear by CourtCall." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Humboldt: "All criminal trials scheduled to commence between December 8 and January 19 woll be reset." More "Effective December 14 through January 19, the Humboldt Superior Court Clerk’s Office Lobby is ordered closed for walk-in service. Documents can be filed in the drop box located next to the Clerk’s Office on “I” Street or be sent by mail to 421 “I” Street, Eureka, CA 95501. Clerk’s Office staff will continue to be available via phone and email and will continue to process all filings within statutory guidelines." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Imperial: "Effective December 9, all matters will return to remote only. There will be some in-person hearings and those will be on a case-by-case basis ordered by the judge handling the hearing. The Court will continue to hear all matters except Small Claims. All Small Claims matters will be continued. The El Centro Courthouse will limit public entry to self-represented litigants who need to file documents in the Civil Department to obtain restraining orders, custody orders, and other documents for the protection of the public. The Brawley and Winterhaven Courthouses remain closed to the public except for those appearing at a kiosk for a remote appearance." More

UPDATED MARCH 23 Inyo: "The Inyo County Superior Court will be limiting access to its courthouses, effective immediately." More "Attorneys and litigants are strongly encouraged to make court appearances telephonically or through CourtCall in all non-criminal case types." More

UPDATED JULY 20 Kern: "All civil cases set for jury trial and civil cases set for bench trials with a time estimate in excess of two days, scheduled in the Kern County Superior Court Metropolitan Division during the time period of July 8 to October 8, shall be continued for 90 days. Unless notified othewise, attorneys and parties should check the Non-Criminal Case Information on the Court’s public website or contact the Clerk's Office using webmail at WMCivil@Kern.Courts.CA.GOV to determine the specific time and date of the continuance in their case. Mandatory Settlement Conferences currently scheduled will remain on calendar, but may be rescheduled to a different time, date and Department. Counsel will be consulted and notified of any such changes." More "Effectively immediately any person allowed or required to enter any Kern County Superior Courthouse building must wear a face covering." More "Kern County Superior Court Presiding Judge Judith K. Dulcich and Court Executive Officer Tamarah Harber-Pickens are pleased to announce the addition of more court services beginning May 4 through the use of innovative Video Conferencing and Telephone Appearances. Some Civil cases may be eligible to conduct video settlements on a “per request” basis. Telephone appearances by attorneys are available in all courts for many types of cases. Although all Clerk’s windows, Family Law Facilitator, Family Court Services (mediation), and Self-Help remain closed for in person visits, they are still available via telephone or webmail. Additionally, the Court is working on instituting appointment systems, video conferencing, and check-in with text call back systems when these Departments are able to open fully to the public. During our period of Reduced Services, many court hearings were rescheduled to later dates. If you are unsure as to the new date for your court appearance, please contact the appropriate Court Division. Case information is also available through our website. Entry to Kern County Superior Courthouses is still restricted at this time to those persons required to appear in person for a court hearing." More

UPDATED APRIL 7 Kings: "The exterior service windows to the Courthouse will no longer be open to the public for the purposes of filing documents or making payments. There are two available drop box locations." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Lake: "Commencing December 7 and continuing until further notice, the court will not be conducting civil jury trials. The civil jury trials set to occur during the period of time to March 31 shall be vacated and set on the Case Management Calendar for resetting of trial and settlement conference dates." More "No jury trials will take place before December 30. Beginning December 14, the court will shift all civil and family law contested hearings to be conducted by remote appearance until further notice. All attorneys, parties and witnesses MUST APPEAR BY PHONE/VIDEO as directed by the court." More

UPDATED JUNE 26 Lassen: "The Lassen County Superior Court will be closing the filing window for all general filings and in-person counter services. Access for purpose of filing documents with the clerk's office is limited to the drop box located at the courthouse. Filing remains available through the mail." More "A party may appear by Zoom at any hearing, conference, or proceeding if the court determines that a Zoom appearance is appropriate. The court may require a party to appear in person at any hearing, conference, or proceeding if the court determines that a personal appearance would materially assist in the determination of the proceedings or in the effective management or resolution of the particular case. The court reserves the authority, at any time, to reject any Request for a Zoom Appearance. Any party to a proceeding, including a subpoenaed party, who intends to appear by Zoom must provide the court a minimum of two court days' notice so the court may consider the request." More "Beginning May 26, court hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. If you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptom, please do not enter the Courthouse. All persons entering the Lassen County Superior Court shall submit to a non-invasive temperature screening process and shall not enter if a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher is detected. All persons are requested and strongly encouraged to attend the hearing remotely through the use of CourtCall and to appear telephonically whenever possible. All persons entering the Courthouse are strongly encouraged to wear a protective face cover. Social distancing within the Courthouse will be adhered to, both inside and outside the courtroom." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Los Angeles: "Public access to courthouses is limited at all times to judicial officers, court employees, co-lessees, Judicial Council staff, vendors, jurors, mediators, authorized persons (including news media representatives and news reporters), attorneys, litigants and witnesses with matters on calendar, and individuals with confirmed appointments. Attorneys, litigants, witnesses and authorized persons are prohibited from gathering with or speaking to anyone outside their household in courthouse hallways or public areas of the Court unless they can do so at least six feet apart from each other and while wearing masks over their nose and mouth. Eating in courthouse hallways and courtrooms by the public shall be prohibited at all times." More "All Civil courtrooms using the Courtroom Reservation System (CRS) will require all motions to be reserved via CRS prior to filing the motion." More "Effective August 3, LACourtConnect (LACC) will be expanded for scheduling Civil hearings in five Norwalk departments (SE-D; SE-E; SE-G; SE-H; and SE-R) for matters on calendar starting August 10 and thereafter. LACC is already in use in Probate, and Civil cases in the Stanley Mosk and Spring Street courthouses." More "LACourtConnect (LACC) will be expanded for scheduling Civil outside of the Central District, as outlined below, for cases on calendar starting August 3 and thereafter. LACC is already in use in Civil cases in the Stanley Mosk and Spring Street courthouses. Schedule remote courtroom appearances for eligible Civil cases in these courthouses: Alhambra, Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Chatsworth, Compton, Governor George Deukmejian (Long Beach), Glendale, Metropolitan (Department 69), Norwalk, Pasadena, Pomona, Santa Monica, Torrance, and Van Nuys East." More "The Court will not set any Civil jury trials to commence before January 2021. Certain Unlawful Detainer jury trials will be set to commence on or after October 5. Civil non-jury trials shall not be set to commence before November 16. The Court plans to set certain Unlawful Detainer non-jury trials, and those non-jury trials in preference cases that can be tried in compliance with social distancing protocols, to commence on or after October 5. Persons seeking services from the Clerk’s Office, court support services, and/or the Self-Help Center must have a prescheduled appointment. Parties and counsel are strongly urged to make use of technology for remote appearances, whenever possible. Judicial officers retain the discretion to require the use of technology for remote appearances for the duration of this general order." More "Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile signed a General Order mandating facial coverings and social distancing requirements in all 38 Superior Court of Los Angeles County courthouses and courtrooms." More

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 24 Madera: "Effective Wednesday, November 25, the regular hours for the Clerk’s Offices will be Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., excluding judicial holidays. Specifically, the following Offices/Divisions will be open to receive filings and respond to inquiries from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.: Traffic, Criminal, Juvenile and Civil. These hours will remain in effect until further notice. Drop boxes for Traffic, Criminal, Juvenile and Civil filings will be available for use between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. each court day." More "All court visitors, justice partners and court employees will be required to wear masks/face coverings pursuant to Governor Newsom’s June 18 Order. For designated court appearances, video conferencing will be utilized, and only authorized participants will receive an invite from court personnel. For court appearances not specifically designated for video conferencing, attorneys and litigants are strongly encouraged to utilize Court Call in all case types. The court requests that no one who is ill with symptoms of COVID-19 appear at the courthouse. All persons desiring entry into the courthouse will be asked health screening questions, and those appearing must allow appropriate space between themselves and others when waiting in lines and that they not crowd elevators or other confined areas. All facsimile fees previously waived will be reinstated." More "Effective June 1, the Civil Division (including family law and family support) will return to offering full services, except for jury trials, Monday – Friday in Departments 37, 40, 44 & 45, and Tuesday/Thursday in Department 17. Each department within the division will have four (4) calendars each day. To adhere to social distancing requirements, each calendar will be limited to ten (10) individual in-court appearances. This includes appearances by attorneys and parties. For example, if a petitioner and respondent are both appearing in-person with counsel, that case would account for four (4) of the ten (10) appearances allotted for that calendar. Appearances by available technology (Court Call/Zoom) are encouraged and will not be included in the ten (10) in-court appearance limitation." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Marin: "Marin County Superior Court will enact a limited closure starting on December 9 until further notice. All Clerk’s Offices will be CLOSED starting on December 9 for in-person visits. Filings will be accepted by mail or drop box only. The limited closure is not a Court holiday for filing deadlines. Drop boxes will be available from 8 AM – 4 PM in front of 113 and the lobby area of the Court Floor. Since hearings are primarily conducted using remote technologies, the Court will continue with the current hearings as scheduled, other than jury trials. Jury trials have been suspended for the month of December." More

UPDATED JUNE 23 Mariposa: "Effective July 1 until further notice of the court: Only one person at a time will be admitted to the Clerk's office. The Court will continue to schedule hearings by either CourtCall or Zoom at the request of any party or any attorney. The Court will retain discretion to order that hearings be conducted by either CourtCall or Zoom." More, including information about health screening, face coverings and distancing

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Mendocino: "Jury trials scheduled to commence on or between December 7 and January 8 shall vacate and be re-set by the assigned department Judicial Officer." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Merced: "Effective December 9, Clerk’s Offices will be closed to the public, except for essential filings limited to, restraining orders, protective orders, emergency petitions and emergency ex-parte requests. Telephones will be answered from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and drop boxes will be processed throughout the day. Court operations will continue with remote appearances strongly encouraged. Entry to court facilities are subject to screening requirements. Courtroom 8 combined with Courtroom 10 (Unlimited Civil, Juvenile Dependency and Probate) will continue with hearings as scheduled in Courtroom 10. Remote proceedings only, no in-person appearances. Courtroom 9 - Limited Civil and Small Claims hearings will continue as scheduled. Remote appearances are strongly encouraged and in-person access is limited to allow for social distancing." More

UPDATED APRIL 10 Modoc: "The Court currently plans to resume regular court operations on June 1. Court customers who do not have a case on calendar or business with the Court should not enter the courthouse. The Court limits front counter access to those individuals with time-sensitive, essential functions. All other filings should be placed in the drop box, sent via email or facsimile." More

UPDATED JUNE 16 Mono: "Effective June 15, the court will allow a limited number of persons to appear personally in court, depending on the type of matter before the court, subject to court's safety measures. The policy continues to encourage all persons to appear by remote technology. All persons entering a courthouse building in Mono County will be subject to screening by the court security officers. Any person who is determined to be suffering symptoms of the coronavirus will be refused entry and encouraged to seek medical examination. All persons who are authorized entry into the courthouse shall comply with existing public health orders, including wearing a mask at all times." More "All jury trials are suspended until further notice." More "Until further notice, Appearances for the Civil, Family, and Probate calendar will be accommodated via ZOOM meeting. ZOOM meeting will accommodate both internet and phone-in appearance. Your ZOOM meeting information will be available the Saturday prior to your scheduled date of appearance on the court website." More

UPDATED AUGUST 7 Monterey: "Monterey Courthouse - The Clerk’s Office is open to the public 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and scheduled hearings are being conducted. If you are on calendar and your hearing has been scheduled as a remote appearance, please appear remotely, otherwise you should appear for your hearing. Marina Courthouse - The Clerk’s Office Windows are open to the public 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and scheduled hearings are being conducted. The lobby will remain open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Salinas Courthouse - The clerk’s office is open. Scheduled matters are being heard. Juvenile Courthouse on Natividad Road - All scheduled matters are being heard. We will be enforcing social distancing and limiting the number of people allowed into courthouses. Face masks are required. Members of the public entering the courthouse will be asked screening questions and their temperature will be checked. You may experience lines and delays." More "All filings in all case types should be submitted electronically. Persons who are unable to file electronically may file by mail, or by using the drop box at any courthouse location. Civil Department (Unlimited) – Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion matters, Ex Parte Calendar and uncontested evidentiary hearings will be heard by CourtCall unless noticed otherwise by the court. Civil Department (Limited and Small Claims) – All hearings may be heard by electronic platform (video or audio), or in person, unless noticed otherwise by the court. Notice of the particular platform and instructions that will be used for the hearing will be provided by the court. Parties may, by written stipulation, submit for decision on the papers filed, any civil or family law and motion matter or any uncontested matters without a hearing or oral argument. All ex parte applications will be heard on Thursdays at 10:00 AM in department TBD." More "All courthouses are open to the public. Jury trials will resume in civil matters on June 15." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Napa: "The Napa Superior Court has taken steps to further reduce foot traffic to its courthouses with a series of actions through early January. This includes the following: Canceling jury trials through at least January 8 and rescheduling them for a later date. Consolidating court calendars from December 21-31. No in-person hearings will occur in the Historic Courthouse and only three courtrooms will be used in the Criminal Courthouse.Encouraging the use of remote appearances when possible. Note that some calendars require remote appearances, others strongly encourage it." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Nevada: "In response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the court is reinforcing our measures to reduce foot traffic in both of our Courthouses. Document Filing: Documents may be emailed to the applicable office.  If there is a filing fee required for your document(s), one of our clerks will contact you to arrange payment. You may optionally drop off  your documents at our drop box located just outside the Courthouse lobby. Remote Appearances: Simply send an email requesting to appear remotely  (by phone or video) to the appropriate courthouse email where your hearing is to take place.  Include your name, case number and time/date of your appearance. A clerk will contact you with the remote access information. The Nevada City clerk's counter will close at 3:00pm. The building will remain open until 5:00pm and any documents that need to be filed may be left in the drop box located just outside the Courthouse lobby." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Orange: "No Case Management Conference (CMC) hearings will be heard for new cases filed through March 31. For Civil Unlimited cases not deemed complex, cases filed that were not previously set for CMC and new cases that were filed through March 31 not already exempt from case management review will not be set for CMC hearing. Trial dates will be scheduled 19 to 21 months from the date the case was filed, with an MSC one month prior. For Civil Unlimited cases deemed complex, cases that were not previously set for CMC and new cases filed through March 31 will have a Status Conference hearing scheduled within 120 days from the date the case was filed. For Civil Limited cases, cases that were not previously set for CMC and new cases filed through March 31 not already exempt from case management review will not be set for CMC hearing. A Status Conference hearing will be scheduled approximately 10 months from the date the case was filed." More "Effective Friday, October 30, and excluding judicial holidays, the regular Friday hours for the Clerk’s Offices in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange will be from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Commencing October 30, the Clerk’s Offices at every branch of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange shall be closed after 12:00 p.m. on Fridays for the transaction of Court business except for requests made at the Central or Lamoreaux Justice Centers for domestic violence temporary restraining orders, elder abuse temporary restraining orders, and civil harassment temporary restraining orders. In addition, limited clerk’s office services will be available in juvenile court for justice partners, as needed to meet legal deadlines. Court hours will remain unchanged for all other Court services." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Placer: "Although the court removed the mandate for remote appearances in most civil and probate hearings effective October 1, appearances in these hearing types will remain strongly encouraged. Remote appearances are still required in family law and certain other civil and probate hearing types. Jury trials may continue to be heard, but will be limited to the critically necessary criminal and civil trials. Court trials in civil and criminal matters will continue to be heard. The court will continue to hear all felony, family law, and civil hearings as currently set. eDelivery is mandatory in family law and civil cases for attorneys and represented parties." More

UPDATED MARCH 21 Plumas: "Effective March 24, the Plumas Superior Court will reduce to essential minimum services. The Court will focus efforts on matters involving civil liberties, restraining orders and other emergency matters. Other matters currently set will not be heard and will be re-noticed by the Court. The Quincy courthouse remains open. However, the court clerk’s office will not be open to the public beginning March 24." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Riverside: "All civil hearings are being heard remotely via telephonic appearance, except civil jury trials. On December 7, the Riverside Superior Court issued General Order 2020-69 (pdf ) suspending all new remote civil jury trials through December 31. Unlimited and complex civil court and jury trials will be scheduled at Trial Setting Conference (TSC) hearings only. Litigants that would like to seek priority on a trial date may either stipulate or file an ex parte to shorten the time on the TSC. The court will not accept stipulations to set trial dates. The court has established guidelines for Informal Discovery Conferences (IDC) and Voluntary Settlement Conferences (VSC) (pdf ) in Unlimited Civil Proceedings to assist in facilitating settlements. Certain ADR services may be offered remotely. Parties ordered to court-ordered mediation or arbitration are encouraged to inquire directly with mediation and arbitration panel members regarding availability of remote services. The Court Clerk’s Offices for civil matters are closed for in-person filings except for temporary civil harassment restraining orders, other types of temporary civil restraining orders, requests to renew restraining orders, ex parte applications, stipulations, and inspection and abatement warrants. Customers may file civil documents online via the eSubmit Document Submission Portal, by U.S. Mail or by placement in a drop box at one of the following court facilities: Banning Courthouse, Blythe Courthouse, Corona Courthouse, Moreno Valley Courthouse, Palm Springs Courthouse, Riverside Historic Courthouse and Southwest Justice Center (Murrieta). More "The Corona Court, the Moreno Valley Court, the Temecula Court, the Hemet Court, the Riverside Self-Help Center, and the Riverside Records Center are temporarily closed from August 10 until further notice." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Sacramento: "Long-cause civil trials, including jury trials, will resume commencing January 4. We anticipate that trials will take longer to complete than they did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic due to the health and safety protocols that the Court has implemented in response to public health orders and guidelines. In light of the fact that trials will consume more days to complete, the Court intends to have civil jury departments conduct trial sessions on Mondays through Fridays (as opposed to Mondays through Thursdays) to the full extent possible. Pursuant to our COVID-19 Trial Setting Process (TSP) which we implemented in August 2020, the Court continues to require that all cases have a Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) in Department 59 prior to trial unless the case has been exempted under Local Rule 2.80. If the Court has not been previously advised that a case has resolved prior to its trial date, counsel will be required to advise Department 47 no sooner than ten (10) court days prior to the assigned trial date and no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Tuesday before the trial date whether the case will be proceeding to trial and whether a jury is confirmed using the Civil Trial Readiness Notification link found on the Sacramento Superior Court website. Parties will appear remotely via Zoom on the day set for trial in Department 47, the matter will be assigned for trial to an open trial department, pre-assigned to a trial department, or trailed. Although we will endeavor to make the trial assignment as soon as possible, in light of the reduced number of trials that can be accommodated, civil jury trials may be trailed or continued. Once the matter is assigned to a trial department, in addition to filing any pleadings, the attorneys shall submit a courtesy copy of any in limine motions electronically with the assigned trial department prior to the pretrial conference hearing. Parties shall then deliver the originals of any in limine motions directly to the trial department on the first day of trial." Much more "On September 22, the Presiding Judge issued the Order re: Resumption of Specified Services and Proceedings – Short Cause Civil Trial Calendar. Pursuant to the September 22 Order, the Short Cause Civil Trial Calendar will be conducted via remote appearance only. In accordance with the Court’s COVID-19 protocols, no in-person appearances will be allowed until further notice. Until further notice, beginning November 5, the Short Cause Civil Trial Calendar will resume one day per week, at 9:30 a.m., on Thursdays, in Department 47. Commencing September 28, the Court will begin re-scheduling those cases that had a short cause civil trial date in Department 47 that was previously-continued by the March 17 Order, provided the case has not been settled/dismissed. After the re-scheduling of all previously-continued short cause civil trials is complete, the Court will commence scheduling those cases that have previously submitted the required filings to obtain a Short Cause Civil Trial (e.g. Limited Civil Case Status Memorandum, Labor Commission Appeal, Other Administrative Appeal, Request to Set Case for Trial - Unlawful Detainer) but have not yet received a trial date." More "Filing counters and clerk’s offices remain closed. There are limited 'in-person' hearings being held at this time. Only those persons with court hearings in specified criminal actions or any matter authorized under the resumption of expanded services orders shall enter a Sacramento Superior Court facility on the day of the hearing. All civil filings are accepted by US mail or drop box. Civil matters including civil harassment restraining orders, gun violence restraining orders, petitions for compromise of claims of minors with accompanying applications for appointment of guardian ad litem, complex civil case management, writ of mandate, civil law and motion, Presiding Judge Law and Motion, Trial Setting Process (TSP), Orders of Examination (OX) and voluntary settlement conferences have commenced with the use of remote hearings. All hearings will be conducted remotely via the interactive video conferencing application Zoom or by Court Call." More "Commencing December 4, the Court will resume the Order of Examination Calendar (OX Calendar) in Department 11, or as otherwise directed by the Presiding Judge. Due to the nature of the OX Calendar, the Court finds good cause to order that OX matters shall be conducted in-person subject to'the procedures as set forth in the Public Notice and the Court's COVID-19 safety protocols. The OX Calendar shall be held one-half day per week, on Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in Department 11, or as otherwise directed by the Presiding Judge. Parties must reserve a hearing date in Department 11 in advance of submitting any filings, including any Application and Order for Appearance and Examination. No OX matters shall be set or proceed without prior reservation. The number of OX matters that may be reserved and held per hour and per day/week shall be limited." More "Effective June 4, all Ex Parte Applications for the Civil Law and Motion Departments shall be reserved by appointment only. All ex parte hearings will be conducted remotely via telephone. No in-person appearances will be permitted. Ex Parte hearings must be reserved in advance with the clerk of the assigned Civil Law and Motion Department no later than 10:00 a.m. one court day prior to the requested ex parte hearing date. The moving party must notify all opposing parties of the ex parte hearing reservation no later than 10:00 a.m. on the court day prior to the hearing. All Ex Parte Applications, supporting documents, appropriate civil filing fees, oppositions and replies shall be submitted for filing no later than 4:00 p.m. one court day prior to the ex parte hearing to the Civil Law and Motion Filing drop box located on the first floor of the Hall of Justice at 813 6th Street, Sacramento." More

UPDATED JULY 13 San Benito: "Effective July 6, the courthouse is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Face Masks and Temperature checks are required. All Court appearances wil be in person unless you receive prior authorization from the Court to appear via Zoom or Court Call, at least 2 days in advance. The public filing/payment windows are open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. , Monday - Friday. You may continue to use the drop box for filings and payments located inside the lobby or you may come to the window for assistance. " More

UPDATED DECEMBER 7 San Bernardino: "As an essential function, all court locations will remain open with strict safety protocols in place. Effective Monday, December 7, there will be no new jury trials started until the new Stay-at-Home orders expire. Jury trials already in process will continue. As a reminder, all Clerk’s Office hours remain on a reduced schedule and are only open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday." More "Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and because of the prohibitive nature of the safety measures we must employ in San Bernardino County to maintain safety, most civil jury trials are continued until 2021 unless a disposition is required within a specific statutory period of time. The court will give preference and priority availability of jurors and jury trials to criminal cases. Jury trials will be limited to all criminal cases, unlawful detainer jury trials, civil cases with statutory preference under California Code of Civil Procedure sections 35-37, and civil cases approaching the 5-year deadline under California Code of Civil Procedure sections 583.310 and 583.320. All parties are asked to meet and confer to pick a tentative trial date in 2021, and submit a stipulation to the court. If no stipulation is submitted, a new trial date will be selected at the current trial readiness conference. The court may conduct a civil jury trial for cases that do not require disposition within a specific period of time at an earlier date, upon finding of good cause shown, or through the uses of remote technology, when appropriate and if feasible." More "The San Bernardino Superior Court will restore court services for the residents of Needles starting on Friday, October 2. The Clerk’s Office will be open to the public the first Friday of each month during the business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m." More "The San Bernardino Superior Court will be decreasing hours of operation for clerk’s offices in each of the court’s locations throughout the county from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. effective Tuesday, December 1, and continuing until further notice. As alternatives to in-person clerk’s office visits, there are various remote options for conducting court business. Drop boxes are used for filing papers and are available at each court location from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. TurboCourt permits court users to prepare and submit documents to the court electronically. Court users may also file documents by facsimile." More "The San Bernardino Superior Court will restore court services for the residents of the Big Bear Valley starting on August 28. The Clerk’s Office will be open to the public on the second and fourth Friday of each month during the business hours of 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m." More "In an effort to move cases forward amid the Coronavirus pandemic and avoid significant backlog, the San Bernardino Superior Court is pleased to announce the launch of Remote Video Settlement Conferences in Civil litigation. SBSC encourages lawyers and litigants to utilize this alternative method, at no cost, to resolve their civil dispute and avoid coming to court." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 San Diego: "Though the Court continues to offer fully remote civil bench trials, parties may agree to have their case tried with all parties present in a courtroom with social distancing and other protective precautions in place. Three in-person civil bench trials were held in the last two weeks of October and additional trials are being scheduled through the end of the year. Due to constitutional requirements, criminal jury trials generally take priority over civil trials. However, as the Court safely increases the number of people summoned to report for jury duty, some of those potential jurors may be available for jury trials in civil cases. Certain civil cases are entitled by statute to “preference” over other civil cases and will be the first to be scheduled for jury trials. Preference motions, or requests for the Court to consider setting an earlier trial date based on the age and/or health of plaintiffs or other factors, have been heard and the first in-person preference civil jury trial is expected to begin in January 2021. Jury trials in non-preference civil cases are expected to follow soon after. As the pool of jurors that can be made available for civil trials is limited, parties in a civil case will have the option to agree to a smaller number of jurors to decide the issues in their case." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 San Francisco: "DUE TO CHANGES IN STATE AND LOCAL HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES, CLERKS' FILING OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. COURT CUSTOMERS WILL BE DIRECTED TO USE DROP BOXES INSTEAD." More "The Civil Filings Office is closed until further notice. Filers are encouraged to electronically file, mail in their filings or use the drop boxes located in the lobby of the Civic Center Courthouse. There are no document pick-up boxes. The filer must include copies and a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive returned filings. Where possible, civil courtroom proceedings will proceed via CourtCall or another videoconferencing application. At this time settlement conferences and judicial mediations are being conducted remotely by telephone or videoconference, unless notified otherwise by the court. The Judicial Mediation Program continues to operate, based on settlement judge availability and court capacity to administer the program. General Civil Cases (not including Unlawful Detainers): Mandatory settlement conferences conducted by volunteer settlement conference officers will continue to be scheduled in advance of the trial date as long as the Court maintains capacity to administer the program. General Civil Cases: The Voluntary Settlement Conference program will continue to operate. The Court has civil trial judges available to conduct remote settlement conferences." More

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 10 San Joaquin: "Until further notice, entry into the courthouse will be limited to the following: Attorneys, Parties/Defendants, Minor/Minor’s Parents, Law Enforcement, Those filing or picking up restraining orders, Witnesses, Couriers and Jurors. No other persons will be permitted without good cause. All persons who enter the courthouses will have their temperature taken by a temperature-scanning device. Any person who refuses to have their temperature taken, or has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, will not be permitted to enter the courthouses. Per Governor Newsom’s mandate,all persons must wear a face covering to enter the courthouse and at all times while inside. Appeals will be heard telephonically. The Lodi Branch Court will remain closed until further notice. Department M1 at the Manteca Branch Court is open. Department M2 will open on October 5. The Clerk’s office at the Juvenile Justice Center is open. Clerks’ Offices in Stockton, Manteca and Lodi are closed to the public. Civil and Appeals documents to be submitted by drop box, mail or eFiling; eFiling is encouraged. Ex-parte hearings can be requested by email except for cases scheduled in Department 3A. Hearings in dedicated Civil courtrooms continue to be held telephonically. All Requests for Temporary Civil Restraining Orders submitted via drop window will be heard at the Stockton Courthouse." More "The court is accepting all filings in all case types and initiating new actions." More

UPDATED MAY 28 San Luis Obispo: "Public access to the San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Grover Beach courthouses is limited to matters on the calendar that day. The document drop-box is available in San Luis Obispo only. All other business with the Court is currently being done remotely." More "The San Luis Obispo Superior Court civil departments will be open on a limited basis through June 25. Regular civil law and motions hearings, case management conferences, name changes and trial setting conferences are scheduled to resume on June 1 via remote technology only. Hearings are anticipated to be held remotely through June 25. The Court will continue to process temporary restraining orders and emergency ex parte applications. The Court will continue to accept electronic filings via e-file and encourages parties and counsel to continue to submit filings electronically, or, in the case of self-represented litigants, via drop box or mail. The Court will also continue to post tentative rulings. The Court is accepting reservations for [law and motion] hearings after August 1, however calendars are impacted. Please call the clerk’s office at (805) 706-3600 to make a reservation. Most jury and Court trials currently set through in the coming months, have been vacated and are currently set for trial setting conferences. Jury trials already in progress will resume as soon as permitted by the safety, emergency and administrative orders in place during the closure. You will receive notice via as to the U.S. mail and/or email date and time of your trial setting conference." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 San Mateo: "All civil jury trials are suspended through January 8. All civil court trials except for unlawful detainer court trials are suspended through December 31." More "San Mateo Superior Court, Redwood City and South San Francisco Clerk's Offices are closed to the public, effective December 14. Exceptions: The Redwood City Clerk's Office will process Emergency Ex Parte, Domestic Violence and all Temporary Restraining Order Petitions, and Civil Ex Partes." More

UPDATED MAY 22 Santa Barbara: "The Court now cautiously resumes civil, family law, and probate matters by expanding the use of conference calling and video conferencing technology. Matters scheduled, but postponed during the court closure are now being rescheduled, and self-represented parties and attorneys will begin receiving notification of a new hearing date. All telephonic appearances must be coordinated by CourtCall. The Superior Court Clerk’s Offices will remain closed for in-person transactions until the state’s Stay-at-Home order is lifted. However, Court staff are working and can be reached by phone." More "Starting the week of 6/8/20 Judges in civil departments countywide will incorporate Zoom. It is not known how Zoom will function with many users at one time. Judges will use CourtCall or Zoom at their discretion. Most civil cases are being rescheduled commencing the week of 6/8/20, in a first-missed, first to be rescheduled method, taking court availability into consideration. Judicial Officers may set any missed hearing at their discretion." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Santa Clara: "The Court will not be calling new jury panels until at least January 4. Court operations and proceedings will be significantly reduced during the Winter Holiday Furlough Schedule, from December 21 until January 4." More

UPDATED JUNE 11 Santa Cruz: "There will be no Civil Master Calendar through the end of September 2020. Civil Master Calendar will resume in October for Long Cause Court Trials only. There will be no Civil Jury Trials through the end of 2020. Mediations are set to resume in October. All parties are to appear by Zoom." More "Beginning June 15, the court will begin resuming courtroom operations for Civil, Probate, Family Law and Small Claims. Attorneys are required to appear by CourtCall. We are asking all parties, if possible, to appear by CourtCall. All mediations set through September are cancelled." More "The Court plans to resume additional services starting June 8. On that day, all criminal court calendars will resume although several courtrooms will remain dark until June 15 when the Court plans to fully resume operations. Watsonville Courthouse operations will resume on June 15. The steps taken by the Court to create a safe environment for court users include requiring face coverings for everyone coming to Court, including staff and judges; promoting social distancing throughout its buildings; limiting the number of people in a courtroom at one time; and staggering start times of court calendars. The Court’s plan to resume court operations have been carefully designed to include the use of remote appearance technology for some court proceedings to reduce the number of people coming to Court. Although many court services are resuming for the Santa Cruz Courthouse on June 8, with clerk’s offices there returning to the standard 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, most services at the Watsonville location will remain limited until June 15." More 

UPDATED AUGIST 7 Shasta: "Except as otherwise ordered by the Court, Civil Jury Trials and Cicil Court Trials will resume. Mandatory Settlement Conferences on all civil cases will resume by means other than personal appearance at the Courthouse. Although not mandatory, until further notice, all parties are strongly encourages to make Law & Motion and Review Hearing appearances by CourtCall." More "The Superior Court of California, County of Shasta, will resume limited operations to the public May 5. Most courtroom proceedings that have been temporarily discontinued since March 23 will be conducted telephonically whenever possible, and some in-person appearances will also be held, as necessary. No jury trials will be conducted at this time. The court recommends all persons utilize drop boxes to submit documents for filing and pick up documents in the area provided on the first floor of the courthouse in lieu of visiting the clerk's offices. The clerk's offices are open, but the number of people allowed in lobby areas will be limited. The court strongly recommends all persons wear masks or face coverings. Social distancing will be enforced in court facilities and the number of people entering the building will be subject to space limitations. Anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms or is not feeling well will not be allowed in court buildings." More

UPDATED APRIL 30 Sierra: "The courthouse was closed to the public on March 18 and remains closed to the public. There is no projected date when the courthouse will reopen to the public. Sierra County Superior Court will be holding all court matters remotely until further notice." More "Until further notice, all Civil, Family, and Probate appearances will be accommodated via Zoom. The Court Clerk’s Office will remain closed to the public until further notice. Court staff will be available by phone and email. Filings will be accepted by mail or email." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 4 Siskiyou: "All civil jury trials scheduled to commence beginning November 30 and until further order of this court are vacated. Cases in which trials are vacated will be put on calendar for resetting, with parties notified by the Court of the date .Counsel in all civil and probate law and motion matters should plan to attend via Court Call." More

UPDATED MAY 18 Solano: "Effective May 18, the Court is able to reinstate limited proceedings while utilizing social distancing and remote court proceedings as appropriate to reduce the number of persons physically present at the court. The need for limited basis operations continues to exist. Filings in Fairfield and Vallejo courthouses will continue to be accepted via the drop-box. With the exception of jury trials scheduled between May 18 and July 1, civil cases will remain as currently calendared. To promote social distancing, attorneys, parties and interested persons are strongly encouraged to appear remotely via Zoom, telephone conference call or CourtCall for all hearings with the exception of court trials, unless otherwise ordered by the department. Based upon resources, some proceedings may only proceed utilizing Zoom and/or the Zoom telephone conference line. Defaults and default judgments in civil cases will be processed as staffing resources permit commencing June 2. The Solano County Health Officer has not ordered the use of masks in Solano County. However, the public is strongly encouraged to use masks while on court property." More

UPDATED MAY 27 Sonoma: "The Sonoma County Superior Court will expand operations and open nine additional courtrooms in the criminal division on June 1. Until further notice only those persons with court hearings in criminal actions and jurors shall enter a Sonoma County Superior Court facility on the day of the hearing or trial. However, remote attendance is strongly encouraged when appropriate. The Sonoma County courthouse buildings remain closed to general visitors and casual observers including family and friends of litigants, of victims and of witnesses, until further notice. All persons coming to the courthouse will be required to check in and participate in a health screening protocol before being cleared to proceed into the building." More

UPDATED JUNE 9 Stanislaus: "The Courthouse remains open to the public, but priority to enter will be given to attorneys, parties and witnesses scheduled to appear in court that day and persons who need to conduct business in the clerk’s office. Only a limited number of attorneys, parties and witnesses will be allowed entry at any given time. Due to the high volume of cases on the court’s calendar, if you are not scheduled to appear in court or do not have official court business in the clerk’s offices, it is unlikely you will be allowed to enter the building. All persons are required to wear face coverings when conducting business at the court. Please do not come to court if you are sick or have a temperature. Clerk’s Offices, other than Traffic, are open from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Drop Boxes are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. All Civil Case Management Conferences, Law and Motion, and Ex Parte hearings resumed on May 18. Parties and counsel are required to appear remotely via Court Call for these hearings, unless, prior to the hearing, the court grants a request to appear in-person. Court trials and related settlement conferences will resume in person unless all parties agree to conduct them remotely. Minor’s Compromises will continue to be heard as scheduled. The parties may appear remotely via Court Call if they choose to do so. Civil jury trials scheduled through October 31 will be vacated and set for a Case Management Conference. Mandatory settlement conference dates associated with civil jury trials scheduled through October 31 will also be vacated. The Court is available to hear settlement conferences as previously set or on another date convenient to the parties." More

UPDATED JUNE 5 Sutter: "If you believe you are sick or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the courthouse. Attorneys or litigants who wish to appear remotely, your case may be eligible to be heard through CourtCall by scheduling in advance." More

UPDATED MAY 29 Tehama: "The Court will continue to limit the number of in-person hearings and utilize telephonic and video options to reduce foot traffic within the courthouse through July 2. Persons having court dates previously scheduled between June 1 and July 2 should check the Court’s website for their rescheduled dates at or consult with their attorney. Civil law and motion calendar will be held on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. by video and telephone. The number of hearings on each calendar are reduced to the extent possible and to reduce the number of people within the courthouse. When possible, telephonic and video options will be utilized and many hearings are being continued to July, August, and September. To further reduce the number of individuals in the courthouse, entrance should be limited to those individuals conducting legitimate business. Face masks are strongly encouraged. A drop box for all filing types is available outside of the main entrance of the courthouse located at 1740 Walnut Street, Red Bluff. Filings can also be submitted by mail. Beginning June 15, public service counters at the Court Clerk’s Office will be open and available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. For general questions, you may currently contact the Court Clerk’s Office by telephone between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. by calling (530) 527-3484. Beginning June 15, telephone hours will be expanded and available between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday." More

UPDATED APRIL 20 Trinity: "The Trinity Superior Court is currently OPEN." "The Court asks that your personal appearance to the courthouse be solely for critical and necessary reasons." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Tulare: "All criminal and civil trials will be suspended through the month of December. All service counters will remain closed to the public, except by appointment only. Drop-box options are available to facilitate regular court transactions. Access to the courthouse facilities will be limited to only those individuals who have matters on calendar and are not represented by counsel. Represented parties will appear through their attorney of record, except in those matters requiring personal appearance. Attorneys and litigants are strongly encouraged to make court appearances telephonically. Attorneys and litigants are strongly encouraged to file documents through e-filing." More

UPDATED JUNE 12 Tuolumne: "Jury trials for criminal cases in Tuolumne County will resume on June 17." More "The Court will be phasing in an increase of our services and operations. The first phase will begin on May 18. In the first phase, cases currently on a court calendar will be heard on the date the cases were scheduled to be heard, and will not be continued unless for good cause. Our staff will return to our normal work day schedule, five days a week, with only a few exceptions. The court counter located at 60 N. Washington St., Sonora, will also return to normal hours of service from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The court counter located at the old courthouse, 41 W. Yaney Ave., will continue to be closed to the public. The Court will continue to use precautions such as scheduling in-person hearings in a manner to reduce the number people in the courthouse at one time, conducting remote proceedings when possible and encourage face coverings for individuals while in the courthouse." More

UPDATED AUGUST 7 Ventura: "All Mandatory Settlement Conferences in civil cases, which are/were scheduled at a Trial Setting Conference held after re-opening on June 15, shall be conducted remotely through the Zoom platform. All Mandatory Settlement Conferences that were scheduled at a Civil Case Management Conference prior to the court closing on March 16 remain vacated." More "Access to courthouses, courtrooms, clerk’s offices, self-help centers and public areas will be restricted at all times to judges, commissioners, court staff, persons seeking or participating in emergency services, persons required or permitted to appear for scheduled hearings or trials, persons with a scheduled appointment for the clerk’s offices or self-help centers, and other authorized persons. Documents can be submitted for filing by appointment, eDelivery, United States Mail, or drop boxes located at the entrance to the Hall of Justice and Juvenile Courthouse. All persons entering any courthouse, courtroom or other court facility shall wear a face covering/mask over his or her nose and mouth at all times within the public areas of the courthouse or courtroom. Children under the age of three are exempt. Do not enter the courthouse if you have a cough or fever." More "Beginning June 15, the court is authorized to begin a phased in re-opening of its courtrooms and clerk's offices. In-person services in the clerk's offices and self-help centers shall be by appointment." More "The Civil Division of the court will reopen, with some restrictions, for filings on June 10 and for court proceedings on June 15. Until further notice, unless otherwise ordered by the assigned judge, all proceedings other than those involving live testimony, including ex parte proceedings and trial dates which have been converted by this order to trial setting conferences, will be conducted by telephonic appearances using CourtCall. The court may be able to offer CourtCall video appearances in the near future. Until that service is available, individual judges have discretion to approve requests to conduct hearings on other video platforms. On June 10, the court clerk’s office will begin accepting, processing and filing all civil documents. Documents may be submitted through eDelivery, mail or drop boxes located at the entrance to the courthouses. All future trial dates (i.e. on or after June 15) are vacated; without further notice, a trial setting conference will be heard in the assigned courtroom on the same date and time formerly set for trial. All cases which had been set for trial between March 16 and June 12 and all cases which were trailing for trial when the closure began on March 16 will be calendared by the court for a trial setting conference, with notice to be given by the court. All law and motion hearing dates, previously set to take place during or after the court closure, are vacated. Motions may be reset by the moving party. Motion pleadings filed by the court on or before March 13 need not be refiled. If the moving party intends to proceed with a motion filed on or before March 13, that party must meet and confer with the opposing party or parties to determine: 1) whether the motion or any issue raised in the motion has become moot, and 2) if any aspect of the motion has not become moot, a mutually acceptable hearing date of July 1 or later, and a schedule for any remaining briefing. Mandatory Settlement Conferences set on or after June 15 on the Courtroom 22 calendar are vacated. By agreement of all parties, a Voluntary Settlement Conference may be requested by submitting a stipulation and proposed order to Courtroom 22." More "Beginning June 15, the civil clerk’s office will begin accepting reservations for civil law and motion matters." More

UPDATED DECEMBER 11 Yolo: "If you received a jury summons to report for jury service between November 30 – December 29, you DO NOT need to appear." More "All documents filed in civil, probate and family law cases shall be filed and served electronically, except when personal service is required by statute or rule and excluding ex parte applications. An attorney representing a party may request to be excused from the mandatory electronic filing and service requirement by showing undue hardship or significant prejudice." More "Unless authorized by statute or Court order, all Court appearances in Yolo Superior Court shall be presumptively by Video. The Court reserves the right to continue a hearing if the attorney or party fails to appear by Video. Telephone appearance by a party is only allowed when the individual does not have access to Video technology. Physical appearance is subject to either statute or a good cause finding made by a judicial officer." More "Criminal jury trials will resume beginning July 2020." More "The public windows will be closed to the public, except for emergency cases. All civil/family law hearings will be continued and you will receive notice in the mail of a new date." More

UPDATED MAY 1 Yuba: "The court will reopen on May 1 with strict social distancing in place. If you are SICK, do not enter the building. Masks or face coverings will be required to enter the building. All persons entering the courthouse building will be screened for COVID-19, consisting of a temperature scan and some questions. Wait time for window clerks, as well as for phone calls, may be longer than usual." More