Our Advocates

Chief Executive Officer
Nancy Drabble
Nancy Drabble came to CAOC in 1986 after a stint with Ralph Nader’s consumer rights organization, “Nader’s Raiders.” At CAOC, she was a behind-the-scenes player in the “napkin deal” crafted at Frank Fat’s restaurant in 1988, helped defeat the “Terrible 200s” initiatives in 1996 and has played an instrumental role in budget negotiations to protect the courts. A native of Los Angeles, Drabble received her law degree from UC Berkeley.
Legislative Director
Nancy Peverini
Nancy, originally from Soledad, California, attended Santa Clara University where she received a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Juris Doctorate at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. She has lobbied for the Consumer Attorneys for over twenty years, specializing in consumer legal rights. She is also a Past-President of Women Lawyers of Sacramento and a current board member of the Consumer Federation of California where she received its 2010 Consumer Champion Award.
Political Director
Lea-Ann Tratten
Lea-Ann guides CAOC’s political operations, including research and support of candidates and statewide causes favoring consumer legal rights. She helped defeat three initiatives and kept five anti-consumer measures off the ballot. As a legislative advocate, she specializes in environmental and insurance law, civil procedure and health care, including landmark legislation holding HMOs accountable for injuries to patients. She has a law degree from McGeorge School of Law.
Deputy Legislative Director
Jacqueline Serna
Jacquie Serna joined CAOC in 2011. Jacquie has worked to ban secret settlements in sexual harassment cases, enact crucial consumer protections for elder abuse victims, require that doctors check the state-wide database before prescribing dangerous opioid drugs, and ensure fair and just compensation for injured undocumented immigrants. Jacquie specializes in employment and consumer protections and has spent the past eight years at CAOC fighting the harmful effects of forced arbitration. Born and raised in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Jacquie is a proud "Double Bruin," receiving her bachelor's and law degree from UCLA.
Legislative Counsel
Saveena Takhar
Saveena Takhar joined the CAOC legislative team in 2013. She specializes in consumer protection, civil procedure, and privacy rights. She worked to enact first in the nation consumer protections for data breaches within the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act. Other key legislation includes ensuring equal damages regardless of race and a variety of civil procedure efficiencies. She has a dual MBA from CSU, Sacramento and law degree from McGeorge School of Law. She is a volunteer advocate for the Sikh Coalition and participated in a Sikh civil rights policy briefing at the White House.