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January/February 2020, Vol. 49 No. 1
6 "May you live in interesting times …”
Micha Star Liberty
10 There’s a lot going on out there (in employment law)
Jeremy Pasternak
12 The Work War:
History and applications of California’s new hard-fought employment test
Kevin Osborne and Katie Rabago
16 Power in Numbers:
Corporations increasingly force ordinary consumers and employees to arbitrate their disputes individually, eliminating claims that once were pursued as class actions. But costly mass arbitration actions could help restore the balance of power – and push defendants to settle. The successful test case of Hose v. WIS provides some hope.
Nathan Piller, Joshua Konecky and Leslie Joyner
24 Making employers accountable for sexual predators who act outside the workplace
Jayme L. Walker and Brittany Smith
28 Overcoming third party privacy objections - Getting the records you need
Steven J. Kaplan and Erin M. Kelly
34 Resolving employment litigation: Preparation for mediation is the key to success
Tripper Ortman
38 Let’s go off the record
Anne Costin and Rachel Pusey
44 When suffering harm isn’t enough: The discriminatory implications of considering criminal background in determining class representative adequacy
Hali M. Anderson
46 Notice to law firm partners: You need to run your firm like a business
Being a great attorney is critical, but running your firm like a business determines long-term success
Kevin Kneafsey
50 Recent Cases
Daniel S. Robinson
56 CAOC 2019 awards
J.G. Preston
58 2019 Convention Report
J.G. Preston
66 News and Notes
CAOIE Holiday Party – Kristy M. Arevalo
Hawaii Seminar report: Trial lawyers in paradise – Casey Johnson
NLD Report – Megan G. Demshki
Women’s Caucus Update – Sarah London
Diversity Committee Report – Kristy M. Arevalo
Amicus Curiae Update – Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – Kimberly Valentine – Jennifer Fiore
AAJ Washington Update – Linda A. Lipsen

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