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January/February 2019, Vol. 49 No. 1
6 Let’s not get too confident in 2019 – we still have a lot of work to do
Mike Arias
8 Judging
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Surprises in the new Rules of Professional Conduct
Jerome Fishkin
14 Representing multiple plaintiffs – It’s all about informed written consent
Jennifer L. Fiore
18 Medicare and Medicaid benefit preservation considerations when settling a tort claim
Scott Freeman, Clayton Starnes and Amanda Greenburg
22 Intersectionality in class cases: How to handle race and gender discrimination claims
Lori Erin Andrus, Jennie Lee Anderson and Paul Laprairie
30 Should non-lawyers be allowed to hold ownership interests in law firms?
Michael Bracamontes
32 Losing our way, and incidentally our wallets: The reality and the costs of bias in the legal profession
Laurel Halbany
36 Gender bias in the legal profession: It’s really real
Stacey Cutting
40 Recent Cases
Scot Wilson
52 CAOC 2018 awards
J.G. Preston
54 2018 Convention report
J.G. Preston
News and Notes
Hawaii Travel Seminar: Learning with Aloha – Casey Johnson
CAOIE Holiday Party – Daren Lipinsky
Diversity Committee Report – Abbas Kazerounian
NLD Report – Jayme Simpson
Women’s Caucus Report – Elizabeth Hernandez
Amicus Curiae Update – Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Demshki – Jennifer L. Fiore
AAJ Washington Update – Linda Lipsen

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March/April 2019, Vol. 49 No. 2
6 CAOC has worked and continues to work tirelessly for YOU
Mike Arias
10 Inspiration
Sharon J. Arkin
12 How small firms can fight and win for their clients
Bobby Thompson
14 Ditching the one-size-fits-all approach
Christa Haggai Ramey
18 Discovery referee fees: Your client cannot be forced to pay them!
Sharon J. Arkin
24 Thoughts on the skills of successful lawyers: Mistakes I’ve made, victories I’ve savored, lessons I’ve learned
Gretchen Nelson
26 Frazzle or Focus: How to cope with the unique challenges of legal practice
Richard P. Carlton, MPH
30 Preparing for and arguing for substantial damages with low compensatory damages
Gary M. Paul
32 Excessive force and the inherently dangerous nature of attack-trained police K9s
Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D., CDBC
38 Recent Cases
Scot Wilson
Membership update - Liz Teves
Never needed you more than now - Abbas Kazerounian
SJCTLA Tort & Trial Seminar - Lawrence Knapp
NLD Report - Jayme Simpson
Women’s Caucus Report - Elizabeth Hernandez
Amicus Curiae Update - Kevin K. Green
AAJ Washington Update - Linda Lipsen
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