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January/February 2018, Vol. 48 No. 1
6 Sacramento turned right-side up
Lee S. Harris
8 Maybe there is a way . . . .
Sharon J. Arkin
10 When disaster destroys a home - Identifying and solving insurance coverage issues
Lee S. Harris and Adrian Hern
16 Insurers are prohibited from communicating misleading replacement cost estimates
Michael J. Bidart and Steven M. Schuetze
20 Insurance broker and agent liability
Scott Glovsky and Ari Dybnis
24 What they don’t know can help you: California policyholder protections insurers and adjusters may “overlook”
Amy Bach and Dan Wade
32 The hunt for institutional bad faith: How to bag a big’un
E. Gerard Mannion and Kelly M. Mannion
36 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
46 CAOC 2017 awards
J.G. Preston
48  2017 Convention report
J.G. Preston
News and Notes
CAOIE update – Daren Lipinsky
Hawaii Seminar 2017 – Casey Johnson
Diversity Committee report – Kimberly Wong
The Year of Women continues – Puneet Toor
NLD update – Jonathan Bakhsheshian
Amicus Curiae update – Kevin K. Green
The legislative new year – Nancy Peverini
Volunteer Spotlight – Mary Alexander – Jennifer L. Fiore
AAJ’s Washington Update – Linda Lipsen

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