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January/February 2018, Vol. 48 No. 1
6 Sacramento turned right-side up
Lee S. Harris
8 Maybe there is a way . . . .
Sharon J. Arkin
10 When disaster destroys a home - Identifying and solving insurance coverage issues
Lee S. Harris and Adrian Hern
16 Insurers are prohibited from communicating misleading replacement cost estimates
Michael J. Bidart and Steven M. Schuetze
20 Insurance broker and agent liability
Scott Glovsky and Ari Dybnis
24 What they don’t know can help you: California policyholder protections insurers and adjusters may “overlook”
Amy Bach and Dan Wade
32 The hunt for institutional bad faith: How to bag a big’un
E. Gerard Mannion and Kelly M. Mannion
36 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
46 CAOC 2017 awards
J.G. Preston
48  2017 Convention report
J.G. Preston
News and Notes
CAOIE update – Daren Lipinsky
Hawaii Seminar 2017 – Casey Johnson
Diversity Committee report – Kimberly Wong
The Year of Women continues – Puneet Toor
NLD update – Jonathan Bakhsheshian
Amicus Curiae update – Kevin K. Green
The legislative new year – Nancy Peverini
Volunteer Spotlight – Mary Alexander – Jennifer L. Fiore
AAJ’s Washington Update – Linda Lipsen

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March/April 2018, Vol. 48 No. 2
6 #NeverAgain
Lee S. Harris
8 What has CAOC done for me lately?
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Using California’s Civil Code to prosecute civil rights cases
Jim DeSimone
16  Approach with caution: The intersection of plaintiff’s police-misconduct representation and criminal defense
Matt Sahak and John Burton
20  How to win a USC 1983 police shooting case in federal court
Humberto Guizar
26 Qualified immunity: The shrinking of constitutional rights
Paul L. Hoffman
32 California permits parents to be guardians of their “special immigrant” children over 18
Sean Kneafsey
36 Mass Action: As class action waivers proliferate, claims involving thousands of victims could morph into costly mass arbitration actions – and push defendants to settle. Hose v. WIS is the test case.
Joshua Konecky and Leslie Joyner
44 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
News and Notes
Tort & Trial Seminar – San Mateo – Eric Hove
What’s New in Tort & Trial – Stockton – Lawrence Knapp
Tort & Trial Seminar – Inland Empire – Daren H. Lipinsky
Fresno feels the power … and the wedgie – Monrae English
Behind the headlines – Nancy Peverini
Membership Phone Drives
Diversity Committee report – Kimberly Wong
NLD report – Jonathan Bakhsheshian
Women’s Caucus report – Puneet Toor
Amicus Curiae update – Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – John Michael Montevideo – Jennifer L. Fiore
AAJ Washington Update – Linda Lipsen

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May/June 2018, Vol. 48 No. 3
6 The power of truth
Lee S. Harris
8 Stronger together
Neil Berman
10  An overview of government tort liability and immunities
Jonathan Bakhsheshian and Anthony Ellis
14 California’s government claims act: Procedures for timely compliance and late claim relief
Paymon A. Khatibi
22  Piercing the government immunity – When crossing the road
Parisima Roshanzamir
28 Governmental tort liability warning: Beware of 23 U.S.C. 409 – a defense tactic that is a blatant attempt to “impede the search for truth”
Wylie A. Aitken and Megan G. Demshki
34  Litigating civil rights cases in federal court
Neil Gehlawat
38 The addicted client - Claiming addiction as damages in the civil trial
Christopher A. Johnston
Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
Sonoma Travel Seminar 2018 – Casey R. Johnson
A great start – Nancy Peverini
SMCTLA 2018 Scholarship Awards
Justice Day 2018 – Paul Woods
“The Time Is Now” takes center stage at Justice Day – Puneet Toor
NLD report – Jonathan Bakhsheshian
Diversity Committee report – Kimberly Wong
Amicus Curiae update – Kevin K. Green
Membership phone drives recruit 120+ – Liz Teves
Volunteer Spotlight – Karman M. Guadagni – Jennifer L. Fiore
AAJ Washington Update - Linda Lipsen

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July/August 2018, Vol. 48 No. 4
6 The echo of empty court houses is not the sound of democracy
Lee S. Harris
8 Dan Rather’s second act
Sharon J. Arkin
10 New and effective trends for drafting settlement demands
Tips for maximizing settlement value of smaller cases

John Michael Montevideo
16  Mediation – Managing expectations; coping with liens; handling the math
Scott H.Z. Sumner
20  Mediation in the face of a workers’ compensation lien
Elinor Leary
24  How to resolve a case when David and Goliath go to battle
Alison E. Cordova
26 Post-verdict mediation and settlement
J. Jude Basile
28  The role of structured settlement advice before, during and after mediation
Patrick Farber and Alejandra (Ali) Mendiola
32  Advances in advocating childhood sexual abuse cases
Lauren A. Cerri, B. Robert Allard and Laura Liccardo
36  Clichés that apply to negotiation and settlement
Guy O. Kornblum
40 Hide and seek: Transfers made to avoid paying lawful debts
William Rehwald
46 Recent Cases
Scot Wilson
54 News and Notes
Fund Her - J.G. Preston
The road to landmark data protections – Nancy Drabble
SJCTLA Seminar – Lawrence M. Knapp
Palm Springs Seminar – Daren Lipinsky
Class Action / Mass Tort Seminar – Brian S. Kabateck
The Future of Diversity Looks Bright – Kimberly Wong
Women’s Caucus report – Puneet Toor
NLD report – Jonathan Bakhsheshian
Amicus Curiae update – Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – David L. Winnett – Jennifer L. Fiore
AAJ Washington Update – Linda Lipsen

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September/October 2018, Vol. 48 No. 5
November/December 2018, Vol. 48 No. 6