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January/February 2017, Vol. 47 No. 1
6 Trump and tort reform
Gregory L. Bentley
8 And so it begins . . .
Sharon J. Arkin
10 The role of medical specials in evaluating injury cases – big or small
Guy O. Kornblum and David Cardone
18 Damages in bus and truck cases – Tips and techniques to maximize recovery
Lawrence M. Simon
20 Making sense of the discretionary function exception to the Federal Tort Claims Act
Claire Choo
24 Assumption of risk in recreational boating – Finding viable cases for boat passengers
George Ellard
A short primer on focus groups
Madelyn J. Chaber and Judy H. Rothschild, Ph.D
32 Non-violence and the practice of law
Marvin E. Krakow
38 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
Hawaii Seminar report
What’s New in Tort and Trial – San Mateo - Ilya D. Frangos
Tort and Trial Seminar – Stockton - Lawrence Knapp
Tort and Trial: Valley Style! - Monrae L. English
Now more than ever - Casey R. Johnson
New Lawyers Division report - Kristen Barton
Women’s Caucus Report - Anoush Lancaster
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – Deborah Rosenthal - Jennifer L. Fiore
Washington update - Linda Lipsen

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