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Wells Fargo scandal explained. 
It's why we need Senate Bill 33.



An excellent LA Times video explains the Wells Fargo fraud scandal that effected 3.5 million customers -- and underscores the need for state Senate Bill 33, a CAOC-backed measure to ensure it doesn't happen again. Wells Fargo was able to avoid accountability and shroud the scandal by shifting cases brought by outraged customers -- who saw their credit hit and paid unexpected fees for accounts they never authorized -- into secretive arbitration proceedings that favor big businesses that hire the arbitrators. SB 33 will ensure that defrauded customers can bring such cases in the far fairer forum of a public court. Watch video


September 13, 2017
Bill protecting abused seniors
wins final legislative approval   

AB 859 by Asm. Susan Eggman and sponsored by Consumer Attorneys now goes to the desk of Gov. Brown. It will ensure elder abuse victims have a better shot at justice when a nursing home intentionally destroys evidence to try to cover up wrongdoing.  Read more

September 6, 2017
Legislature approves Wells 
Fargo inspired arbitration bill 

In a victory for consumers, the California Legislature approves a landmark bill restricting use of "forced arbitration" when a bank commits fraud and identity theft. SB 33 will help to prevent the sort of rampant fraud Wells Fargo committed against 3.5 million of its own customers. Read more

August 31, 2017
Legislature OKs two CAOC
bills to improve civil justice 

AB 644, a court efficiencies measure, is on its way to the governor after the state Senate grants approval. Meanwhile, SB 658 will help ensure the selection of unbiased juries in civil trials by ending unresaonable and arbitrary time limits on attorney examinations of potential jurors. Read more


(9/7/2017) Former CAOC President Brian Kabateck weighs in on Fox news about the Equifax data breach, which saw criminals gain access to the files of 143 million customers this past summer. READ HERE
(9/6/2017) Spencer Lucas secures justice for the family of a Los Angeles cyclist who suffered traumatic brain injuries after hitting a deep pothole that had became a "concealed trap for bicyclists." READ HERE


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