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Bryan Stow takes a stand

Photo of Consumer Attorney of the Year 2018 winners Craig Peters on the left and David Winnett on the right

On March 31, 2011, San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was left brain damaged after a brutal assault at Dodger Stadium by two Los Angeles thugs. In the years since, he has struggled to recover from devastating injuries that left him largely incapacitated and unable to tend to his everyday needs. His care has been helped along in part by the efforts of a legal team led by Tom Girardi that secured justice for Stow and held the LA Dodgers accountable for lax stadium security. Today, walking haltingly with crutches or a cane, Stow has found a new purpose in life -- against schoolyard bullying. Here is the inspiring San Francisco Chronicle story of Bryan Stow's remarkable journey.
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April 9, 2019
Bill to allow justice in state court 
for USC-Tyndall survivors OKed

The Assembly Judiciary Committee approved AB 1510 by Asm. Eloise Gomez Reyes to give former students sexually abused by USC's campus OB-GYN a chance to pursue time-barred claims in state civil court. Read more

April 8, 2019
Senate agrees to end marathon
depos of dying asbestos patients

CAOC-backed SB 645 would limit the length of depositions of terminally ill victims of asbestos-caused illnesses to seven hours. Some victims have been grilled for weeks by defense attorneys for corporations that poisoned them. Read more

April 4, 2019
State Senate says yes to bill to
protect elderly in emergencies 

SB 314 is a result of workers in two assisted living facilities abandoning elderly residents during the 2017 Wine Country wildfires. The seniors survived only because family and firefighters rescued them from flames. Read more

(4/10/2019) Edie Mermelstein, Darren Pirozzi and Greg Rizzo launch a legal effort intended to push Uber to do more to protect riders from sexual predators. READ HERE  
(4/9/2019) CAOC's Deborah Chang, Tom Schultz and Richard Duquette secure justice for a San Diego man left paralyzed when his bike was flipped by a trench left open by road workers. READ HERE  


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