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  • We stand for justice.

  • We stand for the 7th Amendment...

  • ...and your constitutional right to trial.

  •           Seeking justice for all.
  • The jury trial "is the only anchor... by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution." -- Thomas Jefferson
  • “The civil jury is a valuable safeguard to liberty." -- Alexander Hamilton

Seniors, workers and patients
on CAOC’s legislative agenda



Ten bills will be priorities for CAOC at the State Capitol this year, while restoring adequate funding to California’s courts remains a high priority. Among the measures on the priority list for 2015 is a bill protecting workers rights, legislation to stem prescription drug abuse and deaths, elder care protections, improved court efficiencies and safeguards against uninsured drivers. Read More




June 10, 2015
Bill protecting worker legal
rights advances in key panel

CAOC-backed AB 465 ensures “forced arbitration” clause denying right to resolve employment disputes in court isn’t a form of coercion for workers trying to seek or keep a job.  Read More

June 3, 2015
Senate approves CAOC-backed
bill boosting disability access

SB 251 would motivate business owners to boost access while giving merchants who make good-faith efforts a short window of relief from litigation.
Read More

May 28, 2015
Senate approves CAOC bill to
curb Rx drug doctor shopping

Life-saving legislation by Sen. Ricardo Lara moves to state Assembly after bipartisan 28-11 vote in the Senate. Read More

(06/23/2015) Nicholas C. Rowley scores a big victory in Riverside County for the family a 33-year-old man who was stabbed to death by an underage drinker at TGI Fridays. The verdict by a Riverside jury confirmed that the restaurant operator deliberately served alcohol to intoxicated minors in order to increase weekend profits. READ HERE
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