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  • The jury trial "is the only anchor... by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution." -- Thomas Jefferson
  • “The civil jury is a valuable safeguard to liberty." -- Alexander Hamilton

What happens when a
robo-car gets in an accident?



Robo-cars....autonomous vehicles...whatever you call them, AV's are here, and will soon be among us in increasing numbers. While the technology is rapidly advancing, a key question remains to be answered: Who is accountable when one of these vehicles causes harm? Read CAOC's take on life in the AV lane here.


February 22, 2017
CAOC opposed to "wrong-way"
bill capping Caltrans damages

AB 965 is an assault on consumer rights and a threat to public safety. Would undercut history of civil courts prompting highway improvements that have reduced accidents and saved lives. Read more

February 17, 2017
Wells Fargo fraud bill heads CAOC
legislation package for 2017

A bill inspired by bank's use of forced arbitration to shroud massive fraud scheme is one of seven bills sponsored by Consumer Attorneys in 2017. Others include protections for immigrants, seniors, abused kids.   Read more

February 7, 2017
CAOC president condemns Trump
attacks on judiciary as offensive

Gregory L. Bentley defends judicial independence after Trump attacks federal judge who rejected the travel ban from seven Muslim majority countries. Says independent judiciary "is the last, best defense against tyranny."   Read more


(3/16/2017) Dustin Collier won a verdict for a former Sonoma State University employee who was forced to resign after blowing the whistle on violations of health and safety standards regarding asbestos in campus buildings.
(4/13/2017) ) David Ring appeared on ABC’s “Nightline” with his client who was the victim of sexual abuse at an elite Los Angeles private school.


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