Short Prop 46 Letter to Clients

Longer Prop 46 Letter to Clients

Spanish Prop 46 Letter to Clients – short version

Spanish Prop 46 Letter to Clients – long version

Key provisions of Prop. 46 (a one-page explanation of what the initiative would do)  (pdf)

Prop 46 Q&A (addresses the distortions and mistruths spread by foes)  (pdf)

Facts about physician drug and alcohol testing (addresses why and how of substance abuse testing for MDs) (pdf)

CURES Q&A (easy to read rundown of state’s lifesaving Rx database and why doctors should be required to use it) (pdf)

Prop 46 Endorsers (list of all individuals and organizations who support the Pack Act) (pdf)

What they’re saying …. (wide support for doctors drug testing, MICRA reform, mandatory use of CURES) (pdf)

Prop 46 on a page (one-page graphic that outlines in graphic form the patients safety problem and how Prop 46 would save lives) (pdf)

New York Times – Why Doctors Should Be Drug Tested (opinion piece by CDC Inspector General calling for mandatory drug testing of MDs)  (pdf)

Johns Hopkins Medicine – To Improve Patient Safety, Hospitals Should Randomly Test Doctors for Drug and Alcohol Use (press release from one of the nation’s leading medical institutions)  (pdf)

Oklahoma Watch - Narcotics Prescriptions Fall in States With Required ‘Doctor-Shopping’ Checks (excellent news report on use of Rx databases around the US)  (pdf)

Commentary: Dr. Stephen Loyd suffered from prescription drug addiction early in his career. He put his patients at risk. He’s sober now and supports Prop 46 and its random drug and alcohol testing of MDs (pdf)

The Truth About Prop 46: It will save lives. (pdf)

Recent Yes On 46 Social Media (pdf)

Text of Proposition 46 as it will appear on the Nov. 4, 2014 ballot