CAOC President's Message

Niall P. McCarthy
CAOC President

Robert Kennedy believed that the most important attribute of a lawyer was courage. Without courage, nothing else mattered. Nowhere in the legal profession is that more true than the role of a plaintiff’s lawyer. It takes courage to accept a case with the knowledge that your opposition has vastly more resources. It takes courage to fight for just causes. It takes courage to toil for years on a case when you can make a living and support your family only if you win. Plaintiff lawyers show this courage every day.

Just like its members, the Consumer Attorneys of California demonstrates courage in its daily battle for the betterment of the civil justice system. Over the past 50 years, we have built this organization together. Each member understanding their role and making a contribution is vital to our success. Corporate attacks on the civil justice system are abundant. It is only apathy that can derail our mission. We will have an aggressive agenda in 2012, both legislatively and with the elections. CAOC needs every member to be a steward of the civil justice system and contribute their time, talent and treasure. Success will come.

In 2012, California courts will continue to face the budget ax. CAOC has been intimately involved in establishing the Open Courts Coalition. The Open Courts Coalition is a group of leaders from all walks of the law. It includes plaintiffs' lawyers, defense lawyers, district attorneys, bar presidents and representatives from the legal aid community, among others. The group was assembled to help ensure proper funding of our judicial system. Clients’ rights cannot be vindicated with closed courtrooms. It is critical to our clients that CAOC leads the battle for court funding in 2012 and beyond.

Our leadership team is dedicated. However, the success of our organization depends on the active engagement of our members. This year will be result driven and challenging for CAOC. We are looking for lawyers with courage to join the fight.

Very truly yours,
Niall P. McCarthy