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Contact: Megan Payne
California Attorney Lending

6400 Main Street, Suite 120
Williamsville, NY 14221
Ph: (866) 522-0216
Fx: (716) 210-1059
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California Attorney Lending (CAL) is an invaluable resource when it comes to securing the capital needed to meet various law firm related expenses. CAL offers working capital credit lines up to $5 million+ exclusively to plaintiffs' counsel based upon the total value of a litigator's contingent fee case portfolio. Unlike a bank, CAL's unique ability to assess case recoveries allows them to grant loans far in excess of personal assets. Proceeds may be used for all law firm expenses, including case costs, experts, advertising, practice expansion and general overhead. The company was founded and run by lawyers, so they truly understand an attorney's need for immediate, significant results.

CAL is the only law firm financing company exclusively endorsed by CAOC as well as AAJ, so you know you’re dealing with a reputable organization. Today, CAL is the largest provider of attorney funding for litigators in California.

Contact: Christopher Speed
Northern California Regional Account Executive

425 Market Street Suite 2200
San Francisco, CA 94105
Ph: (415) 200-4165
Fx: (888) 243-3945
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Prime Case Funding was started in June 2010 in New York. Since 2010, we have become a leading provider of Pre-Settlement Funding for personal injury plaintiffs and have grown into a national company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Florida. We strive to be the fast, affordable and reliable solution for lawsuit cash advances. We can proudly say that we take the hassle out of pre-settlement funding and are committed to building long lasting relationships with attorneys by providing the best service in the industry.

Prime Case Funding provides cash advances to personal injury plaintiffs to pay for outstanding medical bills, rent or mortgage payments, utility bills and daily living costs and expenses while they wait for their cases to settle or go to trial. In addition to pre-settlement lawsuit funding, we also offer post-settlement cash advances during the period when a case has settled, but clients have not yet received payment.

We provide cash advances for plaintiffs who have cases involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, bus accidents, pedestrian knockdowns, construction accidents, dog bites, products liability, wrongful death cases, medical and professional malpractice, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and civil rights cases.

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Contact: Tracy Kaas




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ALLIANCE-WEST is one of the nation’s most reputable settlement planning firms. ALLIANCE-WEST’s settlement planners have assisted on thousands of personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation cases. We also offer assistance for many non-injury cases, including class actions, divorce, defamation, employment, the sale of business or property, and much more. Our comprehensive services include structured settlements, trust planning, qualified settlement fund administration, attorney fee deferrals, government benefit preservation, and assistance with lien resolution, Medicare set-asides, non-qualified settlements, and bankruptcy and probate coordination. No matter who we work with, our goal is consistent: to ensure that clients have emotional and financial peace of mind, not just for a one-time settlement or windfall, but throughout the rest of their lives. 


Contact: Melissa Baldwin

San Francisco & Orange County, CA
Toll: (800) 485-0336
Cell: (415) 244-5124
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As a highly experienced structure settlement professional, Melissa Baldwin is committed to ensuring financial recovery for injured plaintiffs through unparalleled dedication to her clients. With offices located in both Northern and Southern California, Melissa and her team focus on the immediate and long-term financial needs of the injured person, tailoring structured annuities to address those concerns and providing financial peace of mind.

Specializing in physical injury cases related to wrongful death, medical malpractice, personal injury, and product liability, Melissa has an extensive network of settlement resources throughout California, including Trust Attorneys, Life Care Planners, Medicare Set Aside Specialists, and Trust Administrators. Her personal attention to the injured party and ability to coordinate all the moving parts of a case makes her a trusted partner in settlement negotiations.

Melissa understands that making important financial decisions is difficult under the best circumstances, and even more complicated when dealing with an injury or the death of a family member. With all the aspects involved in a settlement, finding a trusted business partner who truly has your clients’ best interests in mind is invaluable. You can be confident that Melissa Baldwin Settlements is the right choice.

Contact: Jake Ivry
Esquire Bank

20 East 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
Ph: (800) 996-0213
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We are pleased to be in partnership with the Consumer Attorneys of California, providing its members with exceptional “private bank” services. Esquire Bank is a full-service, federally chartered savings bank, founded by lawyers who believe in supporting law professionals with specialized financial products and unmatched client service throughout the United States.

Our goal is to become the bank of choice for the law profession by:
  • offering the highest quality relationship banking products and services for the law community;
  • providing a “safe and sound” institution for our clients’ deposits and;
  • being a sponsor and business partner for local, regional, state and national associations that support attorneys through various programs and research tools.

Contact: Jeanette Wells

Ph: (877) 531-8089
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FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters, is a leading provider of business development solutions for small law firms. Through its team of legal marketing experts, FindLaw drives the industry by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of proven online and offline marketing solutions designed to connect law firms with targeted prospective clients. FindLaw is also home to the largest online directory of lawyers and, the most popular legal website with more than nine million people visiting each month for free information about a legal topic, to solve a legal problem or to find a lawyer.


Contact: Brenda Stephenson

Garretson Resolution Group
2115 Rexford Road, 4th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28211
Ph: (512) 590-2310
Fx: (704) 559-4331
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The Garretson Resolution Group, Inc. assists the settlement community by evaluating the settling parties’ affirmative obligation and satisfying health care providers’ interests in personal injury, wrongful death, workers compensation, and mass tort settlements. We evaluate and resolve: Medicare Reimbursement Claims; Medicaid Liens; Private Heathcare/ERISA Liens; and Medicare Set-Asides (Workers Compensation & Liability). GRG offers CAOC members a special discount on the first case they submit for lien resolution. We also have an extensive library of information in the learning and resource center of our website where CAOC members will find helpful tips and info on hot topics such as the MMSEA.


Contact: Patrick Ivie

Kurtzman Carson Consultants
75 Rowland Way
Novato, CA 94945
Ph: (415) 798-5900


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Kurtzman Carson Consultants’ Class Action Services guides Counsel to deliver high-quality, cost-effective notice and settlement administration services. They have earned the trust and confidence of their clients by being a high-responsive partner and know first-hand the intricacies of class action settlement administration. They have administered more than 1,300 settlements and our disbursement services team distributes more than $250 billion annually. With the largest domestic infrastructure in the settlement administration industry, KCC offers in-house solutions including a 900 seat, 24/7 call center and document production capabilities that can handle hundreds of millions of documents annually.

Contact: Kyle M. Bollman

President and Chief Executive Officer
Millennium Settlements, Inc.
402 West Broadway, Suite 1220
San Diego, CA 92101
Ph: (800) 573-8853


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Since 1984, Millennium Settlements has been a leader in offering the most comprehensive advisory services and innovative financial programs in the industry. As the country’s largest plaintiff-based structured settlement provider, Millennium offers multiple options for claimants and attorney fee structures through our proprietary fee structure programs. Millennium Settlements is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of needs-based settlement planning.

Our service standards ensure our position as the benchmark of quality in the structured settlement industry. Our seasoned structured settlement consultants provide extensive litigation support services and design each settlement plan to work specifically in the best interest of our clients, ensuring their financial futures. Our goal is to lead the industry by serving injured plaintiffs, their families and their legal representatives better, and more comprehensively, than anyone else.

Our service offering: Structured Settlement Annuities, Market-Based Structured Settlements, Settlement Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Pooled Minors Trusts, Medicare Set-Asides, MSP Compliance, Lien Resolution, and Qualified Settlement Fund Administration.

Contact: Matthew P. Herrick

CFA, Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
2882 Sand Hill Road Suite 200
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Ph: (650) 234-5166
Fx: (650) 234-5183


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Morgan Stanley provides brokerage, investment and financial services to hundreds of thousands of individual investors. We apply our expertise in serving institutional clients to create new opportunities for people to achieve their personal financial goals. Morgan Stanley has one of the largest retail brokerage networks, with numerous worldwide representatives and retail locations. Our services are tailored to each clients’ investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial needs. Products include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and alternative investments where appropriate, as well as banking, mortgages, insurance and annuities, including structured settlements.

Contact: Ramtin Ghaneeian

President | Rockpoint Legal Funding
PO Box 641039
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Cell: (949) 701-7750
Office: (310) 272-5851


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Who We Are: Rockpoint Legal Funding is one of the industry’s fastest, easiest and most transparent funding companies, with  an endorsement by CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California). Rockpoint Legal Funding provides direct-to-plaintiff-funding, delivering non-recourse advances to plaintiffs on a lien basis. We are pleased to offer flat-rate pricing, with absolutely no compound interest, administrative or hidden fees.

What We Do: Rockpoint’s focus is to deliver non-recourse advances to plaintiffs on a lien basis, which we simplify by being as straight-forward as possible. Rockpoint offers quick turnaround time, with most advances being approved within an hour or less. Rockpoint takes the initiative to handle all customer service for plaintiffs, including the logistics of signing contracts and administering payments. Our objective is to ensure the attorney has the maximum control over the process, so we act as a conduit between plaintiff and attorney.

What Makes Us Different: Our commitment to being as fast, easy, and transparent as possible. Rockpoint’s platform is designed to streamline the process for attorneys and their staff. We make certain that our plaintiffs and attorneys know the total and true cost of the advance before they commit to borrowing any funds.

Our bottom line is simple: Get plaintiffs the funds they need while eliminating all of the guesswork, and also working seamlessly alongside attorneys to cultivate a trustworthy relationship with the plaintiff’s best interest in mind.  Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is always happy to walk plaintiffs through the entire funding process, including signing contracts and administering payments. 


Contact: Amanda Greenburg

Shapiro Settlement Solutions
11211 Taylor Draper Lane, Suite 210
Austin, TX 78759
OFFICE: (512) 382-5100
CELL: (949) 929-2564


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Shapiro Settlement Solutions (S3) is an Austin, TX based LLC whose core business provides consulting and administrative solutions to plaintiff attorneys and their clients in Individual and Mass Tort personal injury cases.

Our unwavering mission is to provide simple, effective solutions to the intricate Medicare, Medicaid, and Private/ERISA Insurance lien resolution and claims administration process, providing the best possible results for our clients. It’s our mission to “sweat the small stuff” that takes our results to the next level. S3’s attention to detail and finesse with the complexities of the lien resolution process ensures the careful adherence of all applicable regulations including those of private insurers and government agencies.

Contact: Manny J. Valdez

Certified Structured Settlement Consultant
Ph: (877) 231-3334

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Manuel and Manny Valdez are Certified Structured Settlement Consultants with Ringler Associates, the oldest and largest structured settlement firm in the nation. The Valdez Team has over 4 decades of combined experience and has helped thousands of plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys secure their financial future through the use of a structured settlement.

They are well equipped to navigate through complex catastrophic cases involving Medicare Set-Asides, Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorships/Guardianships, Qualified Settlement Funds, multi-plaintiff cases, and other unique matters.

As skilled consultants with a strong track record of successful outcomes, they offer highly personalized service to our clients. The Valdez Team is reliable, trustworthy and committed to bringing superior value to each case and client.

Their team handles cases throughout California and have a Spanish-English Bilingual staff. We are prepared to walk your clients through each step of the settlement process before and after. Please keep them in mind when you are looking to structure a settlement.
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Contact: Ric Perez

Strategic Capital
645 West 9th Street, Unit 110
Los Angeles, CA, 90015
Ph: (866) 821-6108
Fx: (866) 249-5117
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Strategic Capital is a specialty finance company founded in 1994 with a focus on providing present-value liquidity for unusual or illiquid payment streams. To date, the company has successfully originated over $1.5 billion in future payments.

Areas of Expertise include post-settlement financial solutions for the Legal Community with value-add products for Attorneys and their past clients to enable access to Structured Attorney Fees and Structured Settlements for their more immediate needs.