List Rules
By joining and participating on the list servers, you are agreeing to abide by the List Server Rules.
List Servers
On January 4, 2012, CAOC consolidated the list servers down to three lists, and January 2014 we added the Women's Caucus list. In 2016, we are now reactivating the New Lawyers list.
  1. General Discussion
  2. Medical Negligence
  3. Political Discussion
  4. Women's Caucus
  5. New Lawyers
Help With Subscription Settings
You can contact CAOC ( or 916-442-6902 ext 113) or TrialSmith ( or 800-443-1757) for assistance with your subscription settings - just let them know which setting you would like:
  • Daily Digest (one long email)
  • Daily Digest with attachments for each message
  • Index
  • Normal (receive messages as they are sent)
  • Vacation/No Mail (receive no messages, but maintain access to list archives)
How to Change Your Settings Yourself
Members can change their list susbscription settings on the CAOC website. Go to My CAOC / Change My List Server Settings. If you have not already registered on the website, you'll need to go through a one-time website registration process and email certification process, and then you'll have access to the list server archives and settings on the CAOC website. 
Log in on the CAOC website:
Log in on the website by entering your username and password in the top right corner of the webpage.
  • If you do not remember your username or password, click "Forgot password?" in the top right corner and enter your email address. You will receive a link to reset your username and password.
  • If you have not yet registered on the website, the first time you enter your username and password you will be taken through the registration process. During this process you will select a new username and password.
Certify your email address:
Log in on the website, go to My CAOC / Certify Email Address to List Servers.  Enter the email address you are using on the list server and reply to the message you receive.

How the Email List Servers Work
  1. Join an Email List Server; the List Administrator will advise you when you have been added to the list.
  2. When you send one email to the list server email address, all members of the list will receive your message.
  3. Members can respond to you personally or respond to the entire list.
  4. Messages are saved in searchable archives.

Group and Private Replies:
The list servers are configured so that replies are sent back to the entire group when the author uses his or her "Reply" feature. To reply privately, either: 1) click on the original author’s email address within the body of the posting to send a new message directly to him or her; or 2) use the "Reply ALL" feature in your email software and then delete the group address from the "To" portion of the reply message.
Subject Line:
All messages must have a short, descriptive subject line. Messages with blank subject lines will be rejected by the list server. If you receive your messages in Digest form, you must remove the Digest subject line and create a pertinent subject line.
Change Your List Address:
If you wish to change your email address for the list servers, please contact CAOC at or 916-442-6902 ext 113.

Send a Message to an Email List Server
You must join an Email List Server before you can send a message to that List.  The list server will not accept your message unless it is sent from an approved email address. Send to:
General Discussion:
Medical Negligence:
Political Discussion:
Women's Caucus:
New Lawyer:

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