Webinars: Practicing during a pandemic

The COVID-19 health crisis has shuttered courts and sent workers home, making the practice of law arduous at best. CAOC experts are here to help in these special webinars.

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Coping From Home: Ways to juggle Legal Works, Kids, Pets and Other Homebound Issues

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Successful Minor's Compromise Petitions in the post-COVID World

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COVID-19: Serving Client Needs Durig the Age of COVID

FREE Webinar (sponsored by HMR)
COVID-19: Real World Experience - How to Safely Manage Your Practice & Set Patient Expectations

FREE Webinar (sponsored by Judicate West)
COVID-19: Get your cases moving Now! How to prepare, plan and execute a virtual mediation

FREE Webinar (sponsored by ARCHER)
Lien and Medicare Set-Asides - Tips and Strategies to Help Your Clients

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Remote Depositions: Everything You Need to Know

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The Impact of COVID-19, Long-Term Strategies and Access to Stable Capital

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How to Help Your Clients During COVID:19: Financial Resources & Subsidies for Clients in Need

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Protecting Your Practice: CAOC Prompts Judicial Council Actions to Address COVID-19

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COVID-19: What You Need to Understand About Business Interruption Claims and the US Government Bailout

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Tips for Running Your Remote Law Office