SB 1237 - Radiation Reporting

Status of legislation - SB 1237

SB 1237 (Senator Padilla) Radiation Reporting (pdf)

Senate OKs bill targeting radiation overdoses from CT scans (Alan Zarembo, LA Times, 6/1/10)

Past President Christopher Dolan's legislation video report (6/22/10)

Michael Heuser, a victim of medical overradiation who is a leading advocate of SB 1237 (Medical Radiation Safety Act), was a guest on KNBC-TV reporter Dr. Bruce Hensel's syndicated radio show this past weekend. Image above links to the audio.

CT-scan bill passes Calif. Assembly committee (Nannette Miranda,, 6/29/10)

CT Scans Raise Radiation Concerns (Bruce Hensel, 8/25/10)

KGO story on SB 1237 (9/9/10)

CBS13 Investigates: Radiation Overexposure (August 2008)