Private Enforcement
Consumer legal rights are essential to ensure California laws are followed. Without private enforcement, there is reduced incentive to protect consumers.

A law is only as good as its enforcement. Bills that provide a consumer enforcement remedy (also known as a private right of action) are exponentially more impactful than the vast majority of bills that do not. Bills that provide consumers with their own remedies give Californians an active role in enforcing their rights. Consumer legal rights are essential to ensure the important laws we pass in California are being followed since government enforcement is often limited due to resources.

Strong laws should include consumer enforcement to incentivize protecting consumers. For example, the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act gives consumers the right to enforce their medical privacy rights. Since the act’s enactment we have seen far fewer breaches of our medical information.

The California Supreme Court has held that a violation of a California statute does not automatically give consumers an enforcement mechanism. Instead, the California Legislature must specifically state the intent to create a right to sue under the statute. This is an important component of any strong bill to ensure consumers’ rights will be protected.