Our Mission

The mission of the Consumer Attorneys of California is to seek justice for all by:

Preserving and protecting the constitutional right to trial by jury for all consumers and championing the cause of those who deserve redress for injury to person or property and resisting efforts to curtail the rights of such injured persons;

Encouraging and promoting changes to California law by legislative, initiative or court action, opposing injustice in existing or contemplated legislation, and seeking to correct harsh, unjust and oppressive legislation or judicial decisions;

Advancing the common law and promoting the public good through the civil justice system and concerted efforts to secure safe products, a safe workplace, a clean environment, and quality health care;

Upholding the honor, integrity and dignity of the legal profession by encouraging mutual support and cooperation among members and promoting the highest standards of professional conduct; and

Inspiring excellence in advocacy and advancing the finest traditions of jurisprudence through training, education and scholarship.