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Consumer Attorneys of California
 ‘The Truth About MICRA’ Video Wins Award

The MICRA video has been recognized by the Summit Creative Awards

Sacramento, CA – The Consumer Attorneys of California is pleased to announce ‘The Truth About MICRA’ video has been recognized by the international Summit Creative Awards.  The video weaves together the details of how MICRA evolved, the outrageous fact that the MICRA cap has not been lifted in over 30 years, and it profiles the devastation MICRA has inflicted upon two California families.

“The Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) is very proud to learn that its MICRA video continues to garner attention and awards.  We believe the more people learn about MICRA, the more outraged they will become.  We’ll take a California, a national or an international audience to further the message that MICRA should be eliminated.   Bruce Brusavich and Juris Productions are to be commended for their effort and commitment to this project.  I know I can continue to count on Bruce’s leadership on all of CAOC’s core issues, and I look forward to future endeavors with Juris Productions,” stated, Frank M. Pitre, Consumer Attorneys of California, president.

The video created in 2004 was a labor of love by CAOC past-president Bruce Brusavich and Juris Productions.  Bruce Brusavich championed the idea of developing a new tool to help educate members of the Legislature and the media about the consequences of MICRA.  As former news producers, Rob Feldman and Keiko Johnson (Juris Productions) recognized the ‘story’ of MICRA and agreed to work on the project with CAOC.  They spent over a year and countless hours, on a pro-bono basis, writing, interviewing, editing, and producing the video for CAOC.  In 2005, Juris Productions received the CAOC Media Award in 2005 for its commitment to the CAOC MICRA project.

The Summit Creative Awards honor creative excellence by advertising agencies and creative companies from around the world.  The awards program was launched in 1994 to reinforce the importance of creative agencies and their influence on our everyday culture and the economy.

CAOC remains adamant that California’s MICRA should not be used as a model for the nation.  In fact, the MICRA cap should be eliminated, particularly in cases resulting in death or serious injury. Inflation has eroded the value of California’s MICRA cap to less than $68,225.  To adjust for inflation alone since 1975, the MICRA cap should be increased to $916,025. 

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