Consumer Attorneys Public Interest Fund
Haiti Relief Fund
Deadline for matching funds: February 5, 2010 

As attorneys who represent victims of tragedy, the Consumer Attorney community is especially moved by catastrophic events in Haiti. Helping those who have suffered a tragedy is what consumer attorneys do every day. As a group CAOC  and local TLA members can increase the impact of their donations to Haiti by bundling contributions through CAPIF.

Board Member and current Chair of the CAOC Minority Caucus, M. Lawrence Lallande, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico (the island closest to Hispanola), also  serves as a director of a private foundation (CDDF)  that has generously offered to match your donation to the Consumer Attorneys Public Interest Fund* (CAPIF) dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $50,000. CAPIF will then divide the total donation among six groups that have been carefully vetted: Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health, Save the Children, Oxfam American, RN Response Network and the American Red Cross.

100% of all contributions will be go to the charities and CAPIF will not retain any of the funds earmarked for the Haiti Relief Fund. Please open your hearts and wallets in continuing your life mission of helping the victims of tragedy by contributing to the CAPIF Haiti Relief Fund.

In 1987, Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) responded to the membership demand that the trial bar get more involved with public interest groups by forming its own public interest foundation. Consumer, victim, and environmental groups have agendas that CAOC supports, but until 1987 we had not been able to lend more than moral support. Since 1988, the Consumer Attorneys Public Interest Foundation (CAPIF) and its predecessor, The Public Interest Committee, have contributed more than $1 million to groups that represent environmental concerns, children, safety in the work place, seniors, crime victims, and much more.
CAPIF is a 501 (c)3, Fed Tax Id No. 20-2770949. Contributions to CAPIF are tax deductible. Please see your tax advisor for further details.