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January/February 2016, Vol. 46 No. 1
6 Of Oscars, attorneys and honesty
Elise R. Sanguinetti
8 What’s old is new again
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Mental health parity in California
Scott Glovsky and Ari Dybnis
16 Behind the scenes in the insurance claims industry: How insurance companies have revolutionized insurance claims handling, an update
Charles M. Miller
22 Use and abuse of medical necessity criteria – Health insurers’ denial of the Hepatitis C drug Harvoni
Robert S. Gianelli
26 Rahm v. Kaiser: Exposing Kaiser outside of arbitration
Ricardo Echeverria
34 Supreme Court denies ERISA plans’ right to pursue plan members who have received a settlement and fully dissipated the funds
Donald M. de Camara
34 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
News and Notes
An injustice for the undocumented - Jacqueline Serna Anguiano
San Mateo County TLA Judges’ Night - Aaron Markowitz
CAOIE Holiday Party 2015 - Jason Sanchez
Hawaii Seminar report - John M. Feder
Diversity Committee Report - Casey R. Johnson
NLD Report - Jayme Simpson
Women’s Caucus report - Kristine Meredith
Need media? - Eric Bailey
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Washington update - Linda Lipsen
American Association for Justice update - Ingrid Evans and Amanda Greenburg

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March/April 2016, Vol. 46 No. 2
6 Forced arbitration battle leads legislative agenda
Elise R. Sanguinetti
8 Back in the day . . .
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Privacy rights protect against the discovery of alternative stressors
Jennifer L. Fiore
14 Incidents and accidents: Form Interrogatory No. 12.1 revealed
Herb Fox
16 The Person Most Qualified Deposition – Tools and Tips
Casey Kaufman and Brian Malloy
20 Avoiding prohibitive discovery referee fees
Clarice J. Letizia
30 When mistakes happen: So you have waived your objections to written discovery … or have you?
Natali Shabani
32 Punitive damages for institutional elder abuse
Lesley Ann Clement, Daniel U. Smith, and Valerie T. McGinty
34 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
News and Notes
San Mateo County TLA Tort & Trial Seminar - George Ellard
SJCTLA Tort and Trial Seminar - Lawrence M. Knapp
CAOIE Tort and Trial Seminar - Jason Sanchez
Class Action Seminar Report - Timothy G. Blood, Ingrid M. Evans, and Anne Marie Murphy
Fresno Hosts What’s New in Tort & Trial! - Monrae L. English
CVTLA receives special acknowledgement at the Fresno County Mock Trial Awards! - Monrae L. English
Diversity Committee Report: We can do better - Casey R. Johnson
NLD Report - Jayme Simpson
Women’s Caucus report - Kristine Meredith
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – Elizabeth A. Hernandez - Jennifer L. Fiore
Political vigilance and a peril to civil justice - Lea-Ann Tratten
Washington update - Linda Lipsen
AAJ Winter Convention - Ingrid Evans

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May/June 2016, Vol. 46 No. 3
6 Election 2016: Our once-a-decade opportunity
Elise R. Sanguinetti
8 Chickens coming home to roost
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Lost in the fine print: How forced arbitration stacks the deck in favor of corporations and what consumer lawyers can do about it
Jennifer Bennett and Arthur Bryant
16 Frustration and opportunity: California legislative options on forced arbitration
Nancy Peverini
18 To Learn More About Arbitration ...
20 Picking your battles – Fighting arbitration clauses in nursing home cases
Karman Guadagni and Anoush Lancaster
Kaiser arbitration: Protecting your client
Michael Kelly and Valerie Rose
32 The notice of appeal in state court
Valerie T. McGinty and Daniel U. Smith
34 Best practices for investigating and pursuing RCFE elder abuse and neglect cases
George R. Kindley
36 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
46 Celebrating 50 years as a trial lawyer: My love affair with CTLA/CAOC
J. Gary Gwilliam
News and Notes
Donald L. Galine Sonoma Travel Seminar Report - Anne Marie Murphy
Diversity Committee Report: The Danger of Silence - Casey R. Johnson
Women’s Caucus report - Kristine Meredith
NLD report - Jayme Simpson
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – Blair Walsh - Jennifer L. Fiore
Washington update - Linda Lipsen

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July/August 2016, Vol. 46 No. 4
6 Guns and the search for civil justice
Elise R. Sanguinetti
8 Playing the government claim game
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Nuts and bolts for California tort law: A quick over view of claims against public entities
Parisima Roshanzamir
14 Complaints against government entities: Making them impervious to demurrers and motions to strike
Bobby Thompson
16 Detestable tools, odious miscreants, and vile ingrates don’t despair! There’s always discretionary immunity under GC § 820.2
Carla Minnard
20 Recreational immunity on government land
Ara Jabagchourian
30 Negligent entrustment of a motor vehicle
Ghazaleh Modarresi
34 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
Statehouse summer forecast - Nancy Peverini, CAOC Legislative Director
Justice Day 2016 - Paul Woods, CAOC Grassroots Manager
CAOIE/OCTLA Palm Springs Seminar 2016 - Gregory L. Bentley, Seminar Chair
SJCTLA seminar report - Lawrence Knapp, SJCTLA President
SMCTLA “Lawyers in the Gutter” charity bowling - George Ellard, SMCTLA President
Membership Drive - photos
Diversity: One step forward, two steps back - Casey Johnson, Diversity Committee Chair
Women’s Caucus event wrap-up - Puneet Toor, Women’s Caucus Legislative Chair
NLD report - Jayme Simpson, NLD Publication and Marketing Chair
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – Eric V. Traut - Jennifer L. Fiore
Washington update - Linda Lipsen, CEO, American Association for Justice

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September/October 2016, Vol. 46 No. 5
6 Strength through diversity
Elise R. Sanguinetti
8 Childhood is not an easy place
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Seeking justice for victims of student-on-student gender violence
Adele Kimmel
16 When school isn’t safe: Sex abuse at school
Erika Jacobsen White
22 Child sexual abuse cases: Standard of care, notice and lack of consent
Jennifer L. Fiore
34 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
42  CAOC 2016 award finalists
RIP Rodriquez v. Kline: The rest of the story - Lea-Ann Tratten
Statehouse 2016: CAOC puts eight bills on governor’s desk - Nancy Peverini
Women’s Caucus report - Kristine Meredith
Diversity Committee report - Casey R. Johnson
NLD report - Jayme Simpson
CAOC and local associations working together
Volunteer Spotlight – Jonathan Hayes - Jennifer L. Fiore
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Washington update - Linda Lipsen
Public Justice awards: This year’s top 5 reasons they’re attacking ‘greedy’ trial lawyers and ‘frivolous’ lawsuits - Arthur Bryant
Threats to judicial independence risk fair and impartial justice - Judge Barbara A. Kronlund and Michael C. Kronlund
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November/December 2016, Vol. 46 No. 6
6 A year to remember
Elise R. Sanguinetti
8 Our anchor and creed
Gregory L. Bentley
10 It started with words
Sharon J. Arkin
12 Driverless vehicles: In the real world
Raymond Paul Johnson and Fletcher Carpenter
18 Webb v. Special Electric Co.:
Using the sophisticated intermediary “defense” on offense

Ted Pelletier
28 A primer on spotting and framing the auto design defect case for trial
Kimberly Wong
32 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
Kaiser Seminar – San Diego
CAOC President’s Club recognition event
San Mateo County TLA Judges Night - George Ellard
CAOC and OCTLA membership drive
Kaiser Seminar – San Francisco
SMCTLA Masters Seminar - George Ellard
Sharing Successes - Kristine Meredith
NLD report - Jayme Simpson
Diversity Makes Us All Better - Casey R. Johnson
Washington update - Linda Lipsen
Amicus Curiae update - Kevin K. Green
Volunteer Spotlight – Miles B. Cooper - Jennifer L. Fiore
44 CAOC 2016 Award Winners - J.G. Preston
2016 Convention Report - J.G. Preston
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