CAOC Forum Magazine - 2012 Article Index
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January/February 2012, Vol. 42 No. 1
6 Are you taking your oath seriously?
Niall McCarthy
8 Where would we be without them?
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Winning in Closing Argument
Brian D. Chase
14 Second Chair Like a Champ
Howard S. Shernoff
18 Grounds for Objections at Depositions
Niki Okcu
20  The Power of Words
Allen P. Wilkinson
24  Sanctions Denied
Katherine Gallo
26  Equity Returns to ERISA – U.S. Airways v. McCutchen
Donald M. de Camara
30  Class Action Certification - The United States and California Supreme Courts Made It Easier to Certify Certain Class Actions
Audra Ibarra
32  Finding Opportunity to Chip Away at Prop. 51
Robert Glassman and Kevin Boyle
41  Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
News and Notes
CAOC Welcomes Two New Advocates
CAOC Consolidates List Servers
CAOIE Holiday Party – photos
Hawaii Seminar Report– John Feder
“What’s New in Tort & Trial” a hit in San Mateo – Todd Emanuel
Stand Up For Justice! – Paul Kiesel
Women’s Caucus Report – Clarice J. Letizia
NLD Report – Neil Berman
AAJ Update – Ingrid M. Evans
March/April 2012, Vol. 42 No. 2
6 CAOC’s court of last resort
Niall McCarthy
8 More allies in our fight for justice
Sharon J. Arkin
10 Driving Toward the Future
Think automated robot-driven cars are decades away? Think again. They’re being tested right now and could be on the road by decade’s end. With them comes a list of potential liability and insurance issues you need to consider.
Scott Martelle
12 Medical Malpractice in the 21st Century
Bruce G. Fagel, MD, JD
16 Pregnancy Discrimination:
The latest expanding area of law for trial lawyers

Kelly Armstrong
20  Actos Litigation:
A comprehensive look at the litigation landscape for Takeda’s diabetes drug, as studies link its long-term use in some to bladder cancer
Brett A. Emison
26 Uninsured Motorist Arbitrators Can Award Judgment Over and Above UM Policy Limits
Albert Abkarian
28 Class Action Appellate Report
H. Scott Leviant
35 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
42  CAOC: An Impact Year at the Capitol
Nancy Peverini
News and Notes
The best ski CLE in the nation –  Ronald H. Rouda
Skiing with the giants – Ashleigh Aitken
Palm Springs Seminar – April 27-29, 2012
CAOIE Tort & Trial Seminar – Greg Rizio
Update on U.S. Airways v. McCutchenArthur Bryant
San Joaquin County TLA Tort & Trial Seminar – Lawrence Knapp
“What’s New in Tort & Trial” – a strong turnout in Fresno – Timothy V. Magill
6th Annual Class Action Seminar  – Ingrid M. Evans
CAOC 51st Annual Convention
November 8-11, 2012
Women’s Caucus Report – Clarice J. Letizia
NLD Report – Neil Berman
Celebrate our diversity – Vincent Howard
Babies or chemical companies, Whose side are you on? – Niall McCarthy
AAJ Update – Ingrid M. Evans
CAOC members honored
May/June 2012, Vol. 42 No. 3
6 Hound Dogs, Bears and the Civil Justice System
Niall McCarthy
8 It Takes a Village
Sharon J. Arkin
10 How to optimize your iPad for mediation or trial
Want to use your new iPad in your litigation practice? Here’s an overview to help you get started and leverage the most useful apps
Morgan C. Smith, Esq.
14 New technology – Challenges and opportunities
Tom Yuhas
18 Everyday technology
Paul R. Kiesel
22 Back up your case
Chris Dolan
24 Checklists: The new medical malpractice standard of care
Daniel U. Smith and Valerie T. McGinty
28 Four views of consumer fraud
Jennie Lee Anderson, Dena C. Sharp, Matthew K. Edling and Justin T. Berger
34 Class Action Appellate Report
H. Scott Leviant
38 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
News and Notes
New and improved CAOC web site debuts – Eric Bailey
Twenty-five years of advocacy
Twenty-five years of financial guidance
Tahoe Ski Seminar Report – Anne Marie Murphy
Sun, Sand & Spectacular Speakers – Greg Rizio
Stand Up For Justice – San Francisco
Diversity Committee Report – Micha Liberty
NLD Report – Neil Berman
Women’s Caucus Report – Valerie McGinty
CAOC’s Justice Day

AAJ Update – Ingrid M. Evans
Congratulations, Mary!
July/August 2012, Vol. 42 No. 4
6 The importance of economics
Niall McCarthy
8 Welcome the new!
Sharon J. Arkin
10 State of the NLD
Neil Berman
12 Effective Use of Motions in Limine
Sarah Havens
16 Mock Juries: When to use them and how to organize them
Ryan Casey and Robert Glassman
20 Voir Dire: Getting to know your jury pool
Nick Casper
24 Do I Need A Jury Consultant?
Q&A with Harry Plotkin, by Ibiere N. Seck
28 Opening Statement: Laying the Bricks
John Roach
32 How to give an effective closing argument
Thomas Steven Feher
35 Ninth Circuit Allows Application of Equitable Defenses to Reduce ERISA Reimbursement Claims – CGI v. Rose
Donald M. de Camara
37 Class Action Appellate Report
H. Scott Leviant
32 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
News and Notes
CAOC Job Bank Debuts
CAOC 51st Annual Convention – November 8-11, 2012
Membership Development and President’s Club Report – Brian Chase
Women’s Caucus Report – Valerie McGinty
Diversity Committee Update – Vincent D. Howard
CAOM Tort & Trial Seminar Report – Nestor Schnasse
SMCTLA donates $10,000 to Samaritan House – Todd P. Emanuel
SJCTLA Expedited Jury Trial Seminar – Lawrence Knapp
CCTLA Spring Fling – Allen Owen and Margaret Doyle
McCarthy and Kiesel honored
Three CAOC Members Among Top 10 Nor. Cal. Super Lawyers
Five CAOC New Lawyers get “Fast Track” nod
Daily Journal’s Top Women Lawyers list
Stand Up For Justice – Sacramento

September/October 2012, Vol. 42 No. 5
6 In the Arena
Niall McCarthy
8 War Stories as Teachable Moments
Sharon J. Arkin
10 The Corporate Crack
William Shernoff
12 The Deer Hunter
Mark P. Robinson, Jr
14 Sticky Situations in Trial
Ronald H. Rouda
16 To Suit or Nonsuit; That Is the Question
Christopher Dolan
20 Relevance and Admissibility of Evidence of Other Incidents, Accidents and Product Failures in Products Liability Litigation
Kevin F. Calcagnie
29 Class Action Appellate Report
H. Scott Leviant
34 Recent Cases
Kevin F. Calcagnie
42 CAOC 2012 Award Finalists
48 News and Notes
We’ve only just begun – Lea-Ann Tratten
NLD Report – Neil Berman
“What kind of minority are you?”  – Micha Liberty
Inland Empire “beats the heat” – Greg Rizio
Women’s Caucus Report – Clarice J. Letizia
Introduction to CAOC’s Amicus Curiae Committee – Kevin K. Green
AAJ Update – Ingrid M. Evans
November/December 2012, Vol. 42 No. 6
6 The parting glass
Niall McCarthy
Brian Kabateck
Sharon J. Arkin
Rick S. Brown
Casey Kaufman 
Alyssa Kim Schabloski
H. Scott Leviant
Kevin F. Calcagnie 
The DC’s Year End Review – Vincent D. Howard
CAOIE seminar report – Greg Rizio
Women’s Caucus Report – Valerie McGinty
Orange County membership phone bank
SMCTLA Judges Night – Todd P. Emanuel
CAOC 2013 Board of Governors
NLD Report – Neil Berman
Kaiser Seminar 
CAOM Judges Night – Nestor R. Schnasse
President’s Club recognition event
CAOC’s Amicus Curiae Committee Update – Anna Buck
San Mateo Masters Seminar Report – Todd P. Emanuel
CAOC comes through again!! – Deirdre Frank
Legislative Summary 2011-2012 – Nancy Peverini
Words and Actions – Political Report – Lea-Ann Tratten
50 CAOC 2012 Award Recipients