Amicus Curiae Committee

Amicus Intake Form
CAOC is always working towards justice and to better your practice, whether it is in the halls of the Legislature or in the state and federal appellate courts. We maintain an active Amicus Curiae Program, co-chaired by CAOC Past-President Sharon Arkin, CAOC Executive Committee member Lee Harris, and CAOC member and appellate attorney Kevin Green, that presents the position of the plaintiff’s bar directly to the courts.
The Amicus Curiae program provides a valuable benefit to CAOC members. Cases that are submitted are carefully screened and reviewed prior to filing and seek to further improve the civil justice system. 

So as not to dilute our influence, as a general rule, CAOC will consider providing amicus curiae support only in cases pending before California Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court. However, in exceptional cases, the amicus committee will consider providing amicus support in the state intermediate appellate courts or the federal circuit courts system. 

Requesting a CAOC Amicus Curiae Brief

If you have a case that you believe merits CAOC participation, the Amicus request form is available here (pdf). A completed form should be submitted here, along with any relevant case materials, including a copy of the lower court case opinion. 

The Amicus Curiae Committee Review Procedures

CAOC's Amicus Curiae Committee will review the submitted materials to determine whether or not CAOC’s participation is appropriate. The committee is comprised of appellate practitioners as well as CAOC leadership. If a majority of the committee decides that CAOC should file a brief in the case and a volunteer writer is available, the Committee will approve the request. The volunteer Amicus counsel will prepare and submit the brief or letter in coordination with requesting plaintiff's counsel.


Deadlines are an important consideration that must be taken into account when considering whether CAOC will be able to participate in a case. In the district courts of appeal, amicus briefs are due 15 days after a reply brief is filed in a case. In the Supreme Court, amicus brief are due 30 days after the reply brief in a case is filed. As such, we encourage those requesting amicus support to submit their request as soon as possible after review is granted.