2012 Priority Legislation

SB 1528 (Steinberg) Reasonable Value of Medical Care
Helps local and state governments better recover the costs of providing medical care to the poor and corrects a profound injustice that in some instances can rob a person injured by the negligence of another of any recovery for medical costs.

SB 491 (Evans) Consumer Fairness in Class Actions and Arbitrations
Corrects in state law the anti-consumer restrictions in Concepcion v. AT&T on class action complaints involving pre-dispute binding arbitration.

AB 1875 (Gatto) Fair Time Limits for Civil Depositions
Limits deposition of any person to one day of seven hours, the same as federal law, to reign in defense delaying tactics that waste valuable court resources.

AB 2589 (Bradford) Uninsured-Underinsured Motorist Law
Reignites discussion started last year with a prior CAOC-sponsored bill, AB 1063, intended to boost consumer fairness in auto insurance contracts.

SB 558 (Simitian) Protection of vulnerable Senior Citizens
Carried over from 2011, this bill proposes changing the standard of proof in physical abuses cases brought under the Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act.