Lobby Day 2010
May 4, 2010
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Lobby Day is a wrap
Consumers’ voices were heard at the State Capitol thanks to consumer attorneys during CAOC’s annual Lobby Day in Sacramento May 4. CAOC’s legislative staff arranged meetings for member attorneys with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. By the end of the day our member-attorneys had met with 102 legislators or their key staff members, representing almost 90 percent of the 117 current members of the legislature (one Assembly seat and two Senate seats were vacant on Lobby Day).
But while Lobby Day is over, members should not feel they must wait another year for a chance to talk with their elected representatives. "We want members to be involved with their legislators year round, not just in Sacramento but in their districts," said Anna Griggs, CAOC’s grassroots manager. "Lobby Day gives members a chance to begin to develop relationships with their elected officials. But once a year at Lobby Day doesn’t have to be their only contact. We’re here [at the CAOC office] to help facilitate those meetings and relationships."
The capitol wasn’t the only place where member attorneys spent time with legislators on Lobby Day. Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles), chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and CAOC’s Legislator of the Year, was a speaker at the Lobby Day breakfast at the Sutter Club. Assembly members and Senators mingled with CAOC members at the evening legislative reception at Mix, a trendy night spot just a few blocks from the capitol.
Before the legislative reception, CAOC members packed Frank Fat’s, the fabled restaurant two blocks from the capitol, to hear former CAOC President Browne Greene share details of the "Napkin Deal" he helped to strike in that very restaurant in 1987. Greene represented consumer attorneys in negotiations with then-Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and former Senate Judiciary Chairman Bill Lockyer along with representatives of doctors and insurance companies. The resulting agreement, written on a cloth napkin, led to major changes in California’s civil justice system.
Beyond meeting with lawmakers to make the case for CAOC-sponsored legislation, Lobby Day gave the nearly 200 members who attended the chance to meet with each other, to share information and socialize, beginning with the Women’s Caucus and Minority Caucus networking reception the night before Lobby Day. That event brought 150 attorneys and 28 legislators together for relaxed conversation at Lucca Restaurant.

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