Give Your Input on Mandatory Settlement Conferences
Deadline - Tuesday, January 19
In 2007, the Judicial Council of California circulated for public comment, and ultimately adopted, amendments to rule 3.1380 of the California Rules of Court, which addresses mandatory settlement conferences in civil cases. Among the comments received on this proposal were some that raised concerns about mandatory settlement conferences conducted by individuals other than sitting judges. The Judicial Council has asked its Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee to look into these concerns.
Linked below is a brief survey that is intended to collect information that will help the Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee decide whether it should develop a proposal for changes to the Rules of Court relating to settlement conferences. Your response to this survey will help determine the action taken by that committee.
We would appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes to complete and submit the survey, and also print and fax a copy to Nancy Peverini (916-669-7292) by Tuesday, January 19.  We would also appreciate your forwarding this survey to any other individuals who you believe would be interested in this subject.
Thank you for your assistance.