Women's Caucus
Los Angeles 
Networking Reception - Wrapup

April 23, 2008
Law Office of Lisa Maki
Los Angeles

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CAOC Women Mix It Up
By Ingrid Evans, CAOC Women's Caucus Chair

Consumer Attorneys of California’s newly created Women’s Caucus is in full swing. After a stunning Networking Mixer in San Francisco on March 12th, we moved our act to Los Angeles. On April 23, approximately 80 Los Angeles area women trial lawyers joined together at Lisa Maki’s fabulous new downtown office/loft. The event was jointly hosted by CAOC and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). Thanks to CAALA’s Executive Director Stuart Zanville and Membership Director Liz Hagan, and CAOC’s CEO Michael Reyna, Marketing and Membership Director Laurie Klimchock, and Membership Coordinator Christy Sinclair for getting this event up and running. The invited speaker for the event was A-V rated employment attorney Michelle Reinglass from Laguna Hills who talked to us about a recent case she tried where she was subject to ridicule and abusive behavior by defense counsel and the trial judge, and her eventual victory on appeal (Haluck v. Richo Electronics, 151 Cal.App.4th 994). Good luck to her on the re-trial of this case August 2008 before a newly assigned judge. We were impressed by her stamina, persistence and dedication in this case!

The hard work and generosity of Lisa Maki (who not only made her penthouse available, but provided all the food and a photographer) and Denise Lariviere and her law partner/husband Kevin Meenan (who provided all the wine and served as bartender) made this first LA area event memorable. The host committee consisted of Amy Solomon (President of CAALA), Christine Spagnoli (President-Elect of CAOC), Simona Farrise (CAOC Board of Directors), Miriam Bourdette (CAOC Board of Governors), and Sonia Chaisson (CAOC Board of Governors). CAOC President Don Ernst honored us by flying down from San Luis Obispo. We were also honored to have Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Linda Lefkowitz, Malcolm H. Mackey, and John S. Wiley join us.

For more information on joining the Women's Caucus or sponsoring an event, please contact Membership and Marketing Director Laurie Klimchock (916-442-6902 ext. 130 or Laurie@caoc.org.


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