Consumer Attorneys Of California
2007 Election Nominations

 Nominations are now closed

CAOC is using an online form for the 2007 Nominations and Election. The Nomination process will include the selection of office, payment of fees, your personal biography information, submission of a photo file, as well as your committee requests for 2008. Your biography information and your photo will be included in the final election materials. 
The online Nomination Form is open to CAOC Regular and Sustaining members only. You must log in on the website to complete the Nomination Form.
The Nomination Form will be open from July 16 - August 22, 2007. You will have the opportunity to return to your nomination form and make revisions through the close of business on August 22, 2007. At that time, your nomination fee will be processed and your biography information will be submitted to the Election Committee for review. You will be advised of any revisions.

Or view individual Nominations and Elections materials below:

For more information on the nomination process, contact CAOC CEO Michael M. Reyna at or 916-442-6902.