CAOC / San Joaquin County Trial Lawyers Association
Masters Seminar
Persuading Conservative Jurors
August 24, 2007
Masters at Work
By Lawrence M. Knapp

On August 24, a masters seminar was held in Stockton featuring the esteemed Rex Parris. A graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and the recipient of many favorable verdicts, Mr. Parris spent his time educating the Central Valley brethren on the successful techniques he has developed over the course of his career. The main theme of the seminar was dealing with conservative jurors. San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County reputedly have an abundance of conservative jurors, so the topic was well attended. Mr. Parris discussed dealing with conservative jurors starting in voir dire all the way through closing. The seminar is part of CAOC’s continuing commitment to reach out to the plaintiff’s bar through education. Thank you Mr. Parris for your contribution to the cause.
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