Election November 2005

1) VOTE!


As you know, turnout is critical this election.  Please take time between now and Election Day to make sure our voters get to the polls.

Organized efforts are being run by the Alliance for a Better California , which is working on Props 74 through 80.  The ABC has field offices throughout the state that will be hosting volunteers to help get our voters out to the polls.  The following links provide information on regional field offices.  Contact the one in your area to found out where you can help.

Look up the one nearest you by region here:

The Campaign for Teen Safety, working against Prop 73, also has field offices around the state.

Contact the field offices directly for information on how you can help.

No on Prop 73 Field Office contacts

Alameda County Natalie (415) 890-1020 x 203
Contra Costa County Heather (925) 676-0505 x 5253
Fresno County Patsy (559) 488-4908 x 301
Los Angeles County Regina (323) 223-4462 x 3218
Marin County Becca (415) 621-2493 x 372
Orange County Serena (714) 633-6373 x 137
San Diego County Rafaela (619) 881-4597
Sacramento County Janice (916) 205-4828
San Bernardino County Serena (714) 633-6373 x 137
San Francisco County Nora (415) 441-7858
San Luis Obispo County Ruth (805) 546-8499
San Mateo County Amy (415) 441-7858 x 7230
Santa Barbara County Brianna (805) 963-2445 x 147
Santa Clara County Katie (408) 297-9255 x 17
Santa Cruz County Cynthia (831) 425-1551 x 29
Ventura County Page (805) 777-3841 x 106